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Reduce anxiety with this one tip

How Philanthropy Can Reduce Anxiety

They are everywhere.  With millennials, who are currently ages 25-40, making up over 50% of the workforce – they are our coworkers, donors, and volunteers.  The Pew Research Center says that there are 75 million millennials on the planet. These millennials are tech-savvy do-gooders and the largest generation of potential donors.  Recent data also shows, …

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Internal Dialogue: Chatter

Internal Dialogue or “Chatter”: The Ethan Kross Blog (pt 1)

I had the true privilege to interview the author of the hands-down best book I have read this year, Chatter by Dr. Ethan Kross, who really dives into the concept of internal dialogue beautifully. Is it about fundraising? No. Is it about the nonprofit sector? No. But it’s about concepts so deep that it applies …

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Processing Overwhelm

Processing Overwhelm: How I deal with my own paralysis

I have to be honest, things have been HARD for me too. I am a one woman show running this business, a working mom. I have lost a family member in the last month, had close friends diagnosed with terminal illnesses, lost childcare (again), all while trying to navigate and manage COVID/reopening/re-closing/health/sanity/showering/etc. Talk about processing …

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