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The BEST 2021 virtual fundraising summits to invest in

How long do you spend on the internal debate of investing in yourself? When I started out in the non-profit sector I’d spend days, weeks, months even trying to talk myself out of investing in myself. 

But, when I finally let myself acknowledge that a growth mindset means investment in learning and personal development, I started to invest in myself and my organization. 

I am constantly investing in myself these days, whether it’s getting the next book on my must-read list, investing in a coach, or taking time out of my schedule to attend a conference, training or summit. 

I want the same level of growth and investment for you because you not only deserve it but it’s necessary to stay on top of your fundraising game. So, in the event that you are looking for a conference to invest in this year, I wanted to share with you three conferences that I think are worthy of your time and energy.  

fundraising professional development acknowledges having a growth mindset through investments

April 7-8 AADO-CASE Conference on Diverse Philanthropy and Leadership 

If you want to re-think how BIPOC interact with your organization then this conference is an invaluable investment for you. This online conference is co-presented by the African American Development Officers Network and the Council for Advancement and Support of Education, and concentrates on growing philanthropic markets such as LBGTQ, BIPOC, and young alumni, looking at how they interact with non profits and what motivates them to give. 

best fundraising training concentrates on growing philanthropic markets such as LBGTQ, BIPOC, and young alumni

June 8-11 The Collaborative Virtual by Classy 

This one is a NO BRAINER! One of my favorites, Classy, is bringing you a FREE virtual conference uniting change-makers and launching much needed conversations. Their speakers will be giving actionable takeaways, and leading workshops to help you leave with fresh ideas and that anabolic energy to dive into action. 

October 25-28th CHANGE Philanthropy 2021 Unity Summit 

They haven’t made the call yet as to if they will be hosting an in-person or virtual summit yet, but either way, you should keep your eyes on this one! Their goal is to help you expand your institutional practice to advance equity. The CHANGE Philanthropy coalition has seven core partner organizations: Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy, A Philanthropic Partnership for Black Communities, Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy, Funders for LGBTQ issues, Hispanics in Philanthropy, Native Americans in Philanthropy, and Women’s Funding Network. With so many great organizations behind it, how could this not be an amazing place to grow and learn?

What do you think? Are there other events or summits this year that should be on my list? Let me know! 

And, I want you to share with me what you’re doing to invest in yourself. What book are you reading, what conferences are you planning to attend this year? Let me know in the comments below!

fundraising and development courses goal is to help you expand your institutional practice to advance equity

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