Looking for articles to help supercharge your fundraising? These regular blog posts answer the biggest and most pressing questions limiting the nonprofit sector’s ability to be fully funded.

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Curiosity and continual learning are two of my core values. Join me as I interview, explain, and get curious about the biggest questions facing the nonprofit sector.

FREE MasterClass The Power Partners Formula Blueprint

Do you want to know how to Raise More by Getting in Front of the Right Donors WITHOUT Obnoxiously Hounding Them? Sign up for my free masterclass now to hear the blueprint I created that is disrupting the nonprofit sector.

FIRESIDE CHAT How to Align Your Fundraising and Grant Writing Strategy

Are you trying to align your fundraising and grant writing strategy? Watch this fireside chat where my friend Meridith, from Learn Grant Writing, joins me to discuss how grant writing and fundraising fit together as well as the best professional development for related career paths.

Do you know how you show up to fundraise?

Your energy and the way you show up is critical to your success and how you should move forward with your fundraising plan. I adapted the Energy Leadership Index Assessment 7 levels of energy to fundraising.

What is your fundraising superpower?

As an impact leader, you know that leveraging your skills and strengths in the right way is the key fundraising successfully for your organization .
But are you truly maximizing your potential as a fundraiser?

This 60-second quiz will help you fundraise strategically while leveraging the power of your authentic self.

Thinking through the worst case scenario download

Often my clients ask for tips and tricks on how to get them out of a negative thought cycle where they worry about the worst case scenario. This handout – that I’m sharing with you for free – walks you through the questions I ask my clients that helps them to see that the worst case really isn’t all that bad. Once you can get out of that negative thought cycle you can propel yourself into forward action to make sure it doesn’t happen.

Year End Fundraising MasterClass

This webinar is a crash course in creating a year-end fundraising strategy for online giving that is right for you and your organization!

This means that you will be able to fundraise more in your end-of-year campaign, with less stress and overwhelm (even now!), so that you can hit your fundraising goals and focus on your mission!

Visualization Exercise to Prepare for Donor Meeting

To help my clients prepare for big donor meetings I recommend a number of tricks. One of them is to go through a visualization exercise before the meeting. I’m offering a written version of this exercise as a Free download so you can prepare for your big meetings too. 


Wondering what the differences and similarities are between a certified coach and a consultant? Need help thinking through the types of projects you might need their support and guidance with?This download is the perfect place to start.
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