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If you’re anything like I was as a fundraiser, you’ve wasted too much time and too much money on the wrong advice.

You could always go back to YouTube and start digging through free pieces of training again, trying to piece together that fundraising or management strategy…..

But how do you really know you’re getting the best advice?

Most of the time when we’re figuring out how to do something better, we do one of two things: 

1. Try to work through all the free advice you can to piece together a strategy or plan that will work for your organization (but it’s exhausting, frustrating, and isolating)

2.  Go to a fundraising training or conference that gives you quick tips and that temporary boost of energy (but it doesn’t provide the community and continuous live training that will hold you accountable to up-level your work).

PRO offers something completely unique.


After hosting more than 150 world-changers, fundraising experts, and leadership coaches on the We Are For Good Podcast – they’ve curated the most inspiring teachers and accomplished professionals to share their tools, mindsets, and guides for growing a movement to help you change the world. You better believe you’ll be seeing me inside soon…

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Becky Endicott, CFRE
Dulari Gandhi
Lindsay Simonds
Christal Cherry
Dana Snyder
Kishshana Palmer, CFRE
Germeen Guillaume
Jonathan McCoy, CFRE
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