The Power Partners Formula™ Collective is the most supportive combination of an “at your own pace” comprehensive training paired with community and expert support to create a reliable and sustainable fundraising strategy for your nonprofit 

With The Power Partners Formula™ Collective, nonprofits and fundraisers not only gain the assurance and the tools to raise more from the right funders but they are surrounded by a community of alignment-first fundraisers and direct support from Mallory to answer any questions that come up. 

With this purchase, you’ll get:

  • A clear and comprehensive understanding of what different types of funders are looking for, and how to effectively target the right ones
  • An organized fundraising plan tailored to get the most out of the available resources
  • The confidence to approach and engage with funders successfully
  • A precise system and framework for outreach, preparation and ‘closing the deal’
  • A well-structured roadmap and playbook that breaks down the fundraising process into manageable tasks
  • Access to workbooks, worksheets and templates to help guide fundraising activities
  • Insightful video trainings that explain the principles of successful fundraising
  • Twice-a-month LIVE group coaching from Mallory Erickson and other expert guests in the nonprofit sector
  • An around the clock private Q&A Channel inside Mighty Networks
  • A sense of empowerment and motivation to hit those annual fundraising goals

If you want to see all of the details of the program, you can go here –

Have you been feeling scared, scattered and stressed about your nonprofits’ fundraising efforts? Harness the power of the Power Partners Formula™ Collective to reach your goals


During the initial 12 months, your commitment to the Power Partners Formula is under the form of a payment plan and not a membership. It means you cannot cancel during this period. The purpose of this arrangement is to facilitate the payment for a fixed-price course spread over a year. Therefore, it should not be mistaken for a month-to-month subscription. By subscribing to our payment plan, you confirm your agreement to pay the entire balance due under the plan, in accordance with these terms & conditions. 

Once the first year concludes, the payment plan transitions into a month-to-month commitment. From this point onwards, you enjoy the flexibility to cancel the membership on a month-to-month basis. However, unless you cancel, your payments will continue, maintaining your access to our wealth of resources. This applies to both the annual and monthly subscriptions. It’s crucial to remember that your payments will keep recurring until you decide to cancel your membership.

If, after your first year, you’d like to cancel the recurring payments before the renewal you can do that at any time by emailing


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