Raise More from the RIGHT Funders without Hounding Them




Learn the same Formula that over 300+ nonprofits and fundraisers are using to identify their individual, corporate, and foundation Power Partners, get a meeting on the books, nail the funding proposal, and raise that money!

Most nonprofits spend months (or even years!) fundraising a much harder way…

Applying to thousands of grants online, just like every other organization…

Sending out cold emails, just like every nonprofit…

Putting on the same tired Gala or Virtual Event, just like everyone else…

Those strategies aren’t just outdated… they’re ineffective.

There are thousands of nonprofits right now, sending the same cold, inevitably unopened emails and applying for exactly the same grants as you…

But they’re just throwing spaghetti at the wall, hoping something sticks…

And that’s the reason why it’s so hard to raise money.





I’m a 15-year nonprofit leader, certified executive coach, strategic consultant, and the creator of the Power Partners Formula™.

I’ve spent many years both fundraising millions and coaching thousands of fundraisers to do the same… and I’ve learned that fundraising comes down to one simple principle: getting in front of the RIGHT person at the RIGHT time.

Your success isn’t about a perfectly crafted pitch deck or a grant application you’ve spent hours and hours stressing over.

While those things can certainly help, without the right strategy, process, and system to get you in front of the right people with the right ask, all of that is a waste of your time and effort.

The truth is… you can have the most amazing mission in the world, but if you can’t get donors to meet with you and convince them of your value, your fundraising stops cold.

power partners formula™

My clients see an average of 25% MORE donations added to their revenue than they thought possible… WITHOUT applying to thousands of grants online. So can you.

Even if you:

You can have more consistent revenue and less fundraising stress all while you:

Power Partners Formula™ is the answer.


Here’s some of the results current and past students have seen…

OUR Commitment to Equity and Inclusion: Scholarships for BIPOC Fundraisers and Leaders

Due to systemic inequities in our sector that impact pay, promotion, and funding opportunities, we offer a scholarship for all BIPOC fundraisers and Black- or brown-led organizations to increase their access to fundraising support.

Click below to learn more and access this 35% discount toward the Power Partners Formula™ Collective.

Most internet advice around fundraising leads to a broken strategy because:


Every nonprofit is different. A tip that promotes an overarching strategy, process, or communication information that pretends it’s the key that will transform your fundraising are just bad for freaking business. They send you down a rabbit hole of work that never leads to any actual funding. It’s the worst. You need something quick and more effective.


So many resources eat up your precious time, only for you to realize you didn’t get any applicable information for your specific organization. Either it’s all stuff you’ve heard before, or it doesn’t work for you for a reason that only you can truly understand. You need personalized support!


Even when the tools are good, they lack the support you need to actually integrate them effectively. I have seen some good email templates out there that you can certainly use, but if you don’t know how to put YOUR authentic voice into that template – it’ll fall completely flat or sound fake. Your emails should say the right things… and sound like you!


Good fundraising is a learning and growth process. (If I had a nickel for every time someone wanted me to just ghostwrite their stuff and hand it over!) You need to test different things, collect data, practice meetings and get some honest (but sometimes hard-to-hear) feedback from an expert (me!!!) to prep you for your most SUCCESSFUL meetings with funders.


You’ve wasted too much time and too much money and you’re still not closer to reaching your goals.

Of course, you could always go back to your donors and start another listening tour to learn more about how you should adjust your strategy…

However, this has its own set of problems and is another massive waste of time when what you really need to be doing right now is actually. raising. money.

Up until now, you’ve only had 2 options:

1. Try to work the small networks and donors that you have to increase your pipeline and funding opportunities again and again

2.   Apply to open grant opportunities online along with 238428734 other organizations and hope to be chosen


Fortunately, I’ve got a solution that
does exactly that.

So what's included in the Power Partners Formula™ COLLECTIVE?



Phase 0 is designed to provide participants with a solid foundation of executive coaching tools and habit building tutorials to optimize your time, decrease your fundraising resistance, and help you start to think critically and creatively about your fundraising.

  1. You will decreases your resistance and discomfort with fundraising. 
  2. You will see an end to the fundraising mind traps that have you constantly doubting yourself. 
  3. You will learn the basics of habit and behavior design, which is essential for creating long-term sustainable fundraising success.



This unit is all about finding the RIGHT funders. So often, we are ghosted by prospects because they are not in alignment with our organization. We’re either looking for the wrong things, or we’re not looking deep enough. The first step is to know what to look for when it comes to alignment and then to know how to position your organization in the right way to make sure the alignment is clear to the funder. The Funder Mapping™ Framework walks you through all of this, step-by-step.

  1. You will identify your funding needs and specific program alignment areas. 
  2. You will identify your organizational assets.
  3. You will understand how different types of funders make decisions.
  4. You will align your programs and the assets with different types of Power Partners to create your priority funder list.



Effective funder engagement requires you to know what to say and how to say it. But it also requires you to show up with the right energy and mindset for your outreach. Like energy attracts like energy and what you put out is 100% what you’re going to get back. By the end of this phase…

  1. You will understand the truth about authentic relationship building. 
  2. You will have a step-by-step roadmap for foundation, corporate, and individual engagement.
  3. You will understand how to turn your assets into sponsorship benefits and build annual sponsorship proposals that are either focused on programs or organization-wide. 



Once you’ve identified the right Power Partners and know how to engage them in a conversation, you need a plan in place for outreach and meeting preparation. You need to know what to say in the meetings and how to say it, and how to arrive at the simple YES.

  1. I will guide you through my Engagement Cycle and Follow-Up so you can plan and prepare for any funder meeting. I will walk you through exactly how to make the ‘ask’ (offer 😉).
  2. Plus, once you get that SIMPLE YES, I will talk to you about the importance of donor stewardship and retention (and how it’s slightly different for companies).
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The Collective

Group Coaching

It’s going to get weird. And uncomfortable. You are going to be ‘doing’ way less and bringing in way more revenue. I want you to use these calls with me every month to keep growing using the formula.

Guest Coaching

I have a lot of amazing and brilliant friends in this sector, and they LOVE supporting Power Partners members. So every few months, I invite them in to share their wisdom around a challenge area the group is having. 

We’ve welcomed Dana Snyder (FB ads for donor acquisition), Floyd Jones (community building and grassroots organizing), Lauren Atherton (branding and design), Jhana Li (operational improvement), Patty Breech (welcome journeys and nurture emails), Tim Lockie (tech and human stack), and many more!

Community + Q&A

Fundraising is isolating! I want to make sure that you ALWAYS have a reliable place to go to get the answers you need. 

This community is HERE FOR YOU! And I am too! I’ll be in there twice a week answering any outstanding questions myself!

Fundraising Mobilization Bonuses

Bonus #1

Board Mobilization Playbook
(A Guide for Fundraisers)

Are you done banging your head against the wall trying to get your board members to fundraise? This is a guide for you and training for them, which is guaranteed to move them into action immediately. Plus, it includes clear follow-up steps for you!

Bonus #2

Board Fearless Fundraising Training

Have you ever wished that I could just talk to your board directly? Well, lucky for you, that is what this training is ALL about. Let me be a little bug in your board’s ear to open up the conversation about fundraising discomfort and finding the form of advocacy and fundraising support that works for them.

Bonus #3

Event Jump-Start Guide

Stop second guessing if you’re planning the right event for your donors. Make sure you’re designing around the right things and all other decision making will be easy peasy!

Grant Writing Bonuses

Bonus #4

Grant Writing for Fundraising Professionals

My friends at Learn Grant Writing created a special training just for you to teach you all about how to focus on the right grants and to avoid the overwhelm when applying. This training doesn’t exist anywhere else, so it’s a very special bonus just for you!

Bonus #5

Grant Budget Template

We are all about making the action easier to do, so to accompany the previous training, my friends at Learn Grant Writing are also giving you this incredible grant template. This is going to help you so much with the applications all of those annoying reporting needs!

On-Demand Bonuses

Bonus #6

What the Fundraising Searchable Library

Do you listen to What the Fundraising and always wish you could capture all of the brillant nuggets from our amazing guests? Well, now you can! Inside the Power Partners Formula Collective is a searchable database of all of the What the Fundraising episodes. This means you get all of the transcripts, top takeaways, and can search for tips around the biggest pain points you’re currently experiencing in your fundraising.

Bonus #7

The Vault – Short Coaching Clips Direct from Me to You

I could not be more excited to unveil the newest addition to the Power Partners Formula – The Vault! The Vault is a database of 1 to 10 minute coaching videos that support you on-demand with a variety of different challenges you might be facing. Trying to stop spiraling after getting ghosted? We have a playlist for that. Need to help your staff be more innovative? We have tools for that too. Need a quick team builder at the start of your staff meeting? You can watch a Vault video together! This honestly should be a product all on it’s own, but now it’s being offered as a bonus inside Power Partners Formula™ Collective!

Bonus #8

Database of Power Partners Formula Group Coaching Calls

If you frequently suffer from FOMO and HATE knowing that learning was going on without you, this bonus is for you! You can watch any past coaching calls from start to finish, or just search a question in the database to jump to a section of a call that answers that specific question. All calls are transcribed, outlined, and summarized for your convenience!

Bonus #9

Database of Power Partners Formula Guest Coaching Calls

Over the years, we have had some amazing guest coaches inside the Power Partners Formulaand I want to make sure you have the opportunity to learn from all of them. From trainings about welcome sequences to EOY campaigns, we have you covered with all of the top thought leaders in the sector – on demand!

Bonus #10

Your Power 
Partner Bot

An AI coach that has not only been trained on the Power Partners Formula™, but also HUNDREDS of additional hours of my coaching.

So, what happens if you jump in?

Wouldn’t it be game changing to understand what you should be doing, but also what you can take off your plate? 

Believe it or not, knowing what not to do is just as important as knowing what to do. 

Because all the prioritization tools in the world can’t help you if your list is 2394823 things long. 

This isn’t a quick fix or a shiny object, it’s a path to reliable fundraising success… and our students are demonstrating those results every day!

Power Partners Formula™ Collective

The Power Partners Formula™ Collective is the most supportive combination of an “at your own pace” comprehensive training paired with community and expert support to create a reliable and sustainable fundraising strategy for your nonprofit

With this purchase, you’ll get:

  • A clear and comprehensive understanding of what different types of funders are looking for, and how to effectively target the right ones
  • An organized fundraising plan tailored to get the most out of the available resources
  • The confidence to approach and engage with funders successfully
  • A precise system and framework for outreach, preparation and ‘closing the deal’
  • A well-structured roadmap and playbook that breaks down the fundraising process into manageable tasks
  • Access to workbooks, worksheets, and templates to help guide fundraising activities
  • Insightful video trainings that explain the principles of successful fundraising
  • Twice-a-month LIVE group coaching from Mallory Erickson and other expert guests in the nonprofit sector
  • An around-the-clock private Q&A Channel inside Mighty Networks
  • A sense of empowerment and motivation to hit those annual fundraising goals
  • USD prices reflected

Get all this fundraising goodness for $1497 $997


During the initial 12 months, your commitment to the Power Partners Formula is under the form of a payment plan and not a membership. It means you cannot cancel during this period. The purpose of this arrangement is to facilitate the payment for a fixed-price course spread over a year. Therefore, it should not be mistaken for a month-to-month subscription. By subscribing to our payment plan, you confirm your agreement to pay the entire balance due under the plan, in accordance with these terms & conditions. 

Once the first year concludes, the payment plan transitions into a month-to-month commitment. From this point onwards, you enjoy the flexibility to cancel the membership on a month-to-month basis. However, unless you cancel, your payments will continue, maintaining your access to our wealth of resources. This applies to both the annual and monthly subscriptions. It’s crucial to remember that your payments will keep recurring until you decide to cancel your membership.

If, after your first year, you’d like to cancel the recurring payments before the renewal you can do that at any time by emailing support@malloryerickson.com. USD prices reflected.

Need to run this by your boss, Board of Directors, or get approval from HR?

Here’s a template letter you can use to help you make the ask.

The #1 mistake nonprofits make that causes them to get ghosted by a potential funder...

The #1 mistake nonprofits make is sending the same outreach email to an individual as they would a foundation or corporate partner. Don’t worry, I did this too for many years.

But the truth is, every single outreach email needs to be customized, not just by changing the name of the person and a few other sentences, the entire format, focus, and alignment of the email should be completely different based on the:

  • Type of funder 
  • Area of alignment 
  • Specific research on that funder

We take a really deep dive into this inside the Power Partners Formula in Phase 3 (the Effective Engagement Roadmap) but just to give you a little inside peak, here’s an example template email that demonstrates how these 3 components are interwoven in a powerful and effective cold outreach email.

The Power Partners Formula™ is a course for nonprofit leaders who are ready for an alignment-first fundraising future.

This is a guided, online video course that teaches nonprofit leaders the principles, strategy, mindset, habits, and practical steps to find and secure the right Power Partners for YOU.


The Power Partners Formula™ is a course that takes all of the guesswork out of fundraising. Step-by-step, you’re walked through how to identify the right Power Partners for your organization, how to engage them effectively (no more ghosting!), and how to get that YES for funding. You cannot find the information inside Power Partners Formula™ anywhere else because it has been my secret sauce in working with organizations 1:1. Until now…

For as long as you’d like! We require an initial commitment of 12 months because it takes some time to get into your groove and we want to help you stay committed to yourself. Accountability is everything as you work to build more habits! 

After 12 months, you’ll be able to renew annually or go month-to-month, meaning you can cancel at any time.

Truthfully, we have a wide range of people fundraising inside the Power Partners Formula™. Anyone who resonates with the desire to fundraise differently, in an alignment-first way, and wants executive coaching tools and habit and behavior design to support them, loves this course. Here are a few examples of folks who have seen tremendous success…. 

  • This course has helped brand new Executive Directors and fundraisers raise significant funding even if they have never fundraised before (and if their organization is brand new)

  • This program has helped 20-year fundraisers re-energize their fundraising when they feel like they have plateaued 
  • The Power Partners course changed the fundraising reality of this 8-year-old organization in just 7 months 

  • Single ED led organization who needs fundraising direction and a tailored community OR a small shop development team (usually less than 3) 
  • The average size of organizations who take the course have an operating budget between $100,000 – $5 million.

Also, no matter your position, if you’re someone who. . .

  • knows how to build authentic and close relationships in your personal life but haven’t been able to translate that into your nonprofit leadership and fundraising. 
  • is stuck in your perfectionist tendencies – always needing the perfect letter, email, list, question, or answer – and so making big asks seems like a heavy lift. 
  • feels exhausted, overworked, and lonely – and yet deep down you know there has to be a better way to fundraise for your organization. 
  • is looking for permission to stop doing one more event or campaign with little or no return on investment. 
  • wants the validation that fundraising through “best practices” is more about pleasing your ED or Board than about raising money in ways that align with who you really are. 

Then the Power Partners Formula™ is for you.

The short answer is everything.

First of all, the Power Partners Formula is the ONLY fundraising course that makes fundraising simpler AND easier. We do this by combining the best fundraising strategy with strategic executive coaching skills building, habit and behavior design education, and a design thinking framework. 


✔︎ Lessons that feel like we’re sitting together in your living room going over your fundraising challenges.

✔︎ Workbooks that guide you through how to think differently about your fundraising strategy and focus.

✔︎ Email templates that earn an average 85% return rate for my clients (no that is NOT a typo).

✔︎ Group coaching calls and a 24/7 Q&A Channel to get all of your questions answered

Everything you need is literally in this program – step-by-step.

All of the content bundled together is about 8.5 hours but it is all broken up into bite-sized pieces to make it super easy and digestible. PLUS, the templates provided for you will save you dozens of hours (not to mention all of the time you’re NOT spending doing things wrong). And here’s the thing, you’re going to learn this ONCE and then apply it every single day so this will save you thousands of hours over the course of your career. I know you don’t have time to spare and I will not waste the precious time you have! Remember, I’ve been in your shoes!

Yes, when you go through the self-study there is no dripped content or forced progression. We trust you to be fully in charge of your own learning journey and to manage your time and engagement appropriately. You can go as fast or as slow as you want!

Most of the people that love Power Partners the most are working moms (many of them single moms), and no one FAQ 5: is busier than working single moms. We respect your time and this program is designed with the busiest people in mind. We are able to do this because Power Partners is based on the best fundraising science mixed with the ART of fundraising. It is rooted in habit-building and behavior change to create efficient and effective fundraising machines.

With Power Partners, nonprofits raise more money without wasting months or even years trying to trial and error their way to successful fundraising efforts. 

Plus they aren’t ruining relationships with funders by hounding them.

Yes! We have twice-a-month group coaching calls or guest coaching calls (which Mallory is a part of) and a private Q&A chat.

If you are looking for 1:1 accountability and even more face-time with me, I suggest you look into my VIP Day Offering where I combine the Power Partners Formula™ course with one-on-one executive coaching. To read more about that CLICK HERE.

Yes, for the full Power Partners Formula™ Collective, a license is required for every staff member. However, if you would like to have one person inside the full collective and others with only access to the Self Study (self-guided course content without access to the group coaching calls, Q&A, etc) we can discuss a discounted group right. Shoot me an email at Support@MalloryErickson.com to discuss group rates.

We love seeing funders support their grantees by helping them fundamentally fundraise differently. Please email Support@MalloryErickson.com to discuss group rates. And to learn more about the work we do with funders, please visit us here.

I mean, honestly, you should have bought this yesterday 🙂 but now will have to do! You shouldn’t waste any more time trying to fundraise without this program because the truth is you’re spending WAY more and wasting way more time trying to fundraise from the wrong funder in the wrong way.

This isn’t for folks who aren’t in the non-profit sector or social impact organizations participating in fundraising.

If you change jobs within your 12-month license, you will get to retain a license with your personal email and your organization will get to move a license to a new person on their team.

No not at this time so please make an informed decision. Ask any questions to support@malloryerickson.com or DM us @_malloryerickson.

Well, first of all, have you ever seen me (Mallory) with tech? I am the least tech savvy person out there 🙂 so I make everything as easily accessible as possible. All of our workbooks are in Google Docs or Canva form but can be easily downloaded as a Microsoft Word or PDF document if you prefer. If you ever have tech issues, please reach out to us by replying to any of the emails you receive or email Raven at  . We do keep daily hours and you will be prompted on when you can expect a response.

Lots of ways! You can see me live twice a month at group and guest coaching calls. You can also ask me a question any time inside our private group chat.

You’ll also have a new way to get your questions answered – we have unveiled an AI-powered coach to help pull relevant information from inside Power Partners to answer all of your pressing questions in real-time. Your Power Partner Bot has been trained on the Power Partners Formula™ AND it has been trained on HUNDREDS of additional hours of Mallory’s coaching. This is as close we’ll ever get to cloning Mallory!

I never want you to feel alone or that you can’t find something you need.

Yes! I fundamental pillar of this course is to help you identify the funders you’re in alignment with and then teach you how to leverage alignment points in your cold outreach emails to optimize them for a response. Folks inside the program see a huge increase in email responses using our cold outreach strategy. Just take if from Jenna….

Yes! We have a full walk-through around exactly how to use LinkedIn to find the right person at a company to reach out to depending on how you align with the company (it’s different for every org and not 1-size-fits all like with foundations). If this feels confusing – don’t worry! I walk you through this step-by-step! 

No problem! You don’t need to have any specific experience or success in fundraising and we have folks in the program with all different levels of experience and training. From 1 day into your first fundraising job to CFRE certified with 20 years of experience – all our welcome! 

Yes! We offer 8 CFRE or Continuing Education Credits.

While I don’t know your particular experience fundraising, I have never heard from anyone that this is too beginner for them. The reason is that the executive coaching and habit design elements are 100% unique (you can’t find them in fundraising training anywhere else). Additionally, Phase 1 of the course, where you create what’s called a ‘Funder Map’ to help you prioritize your funders is also a completely original concept. So, while someone with 20 years of experience might breeze through a few of the modules like ‘making the ask’, there is something truly unique and revolutionary in here for everyone.

Well my oh my. I thought you’d never ask 🙂 There are literally hundreds of screenshots of testimonials and results about the Power Partners Formula™ in my Google Drive right now (and a few of them are on this page above). But to sum it up, you will know how to identify alignment between your organization and foundations, corporate partners, and individuals. You will understand what your ‘low hanging fruit’ is and how to optimize your time to focus on those funders. You will build self-coaching tools to be able to deal with fundraising discomfort and overcome fundraising fear and resistance. You will also learn how to build habits and behaviors that help you get over the action line as a fundraiser so that you can finally find your fundraising flow.

Yes! We have rolled out the FormulaFlow™ Engagement Agent, a one-of-a-kind tool that helps you write THE BEST cold OR warm outreach emails to every single type of funder (think individual, corporate, or foundation), taking into account…
  • Recent projects by the funder that are similar to what you do
  • What makes your organization unique
  • The specific assets that your organization has
  • The aligned interest areas of the funder
And so much more….But get this, one of the coolest things this tool does is allow you to slightly nuance the emails just by chatting with the agent. All you have to do is input information about you, your org, the funder, and how you’re most aligned into the template and POOF, it writes the email for you. And THEN you can just click a little button and it opens that draft in your email provider yourself.

Thinking you might just want the curriculum inside the CollectivE or need a lower investment? We've got you!

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