96: The People Behind the Products: 8 Million Dollars in 45 Days with Vance Roush


“It is possible (to raise large amounts of money). The world is generous. But there are certain keys that maximize your opportunity for success.”

– Vance Roush
Episode #96


In this episode of What the Fundraising Podcast…

It’s easy to feel intimidated – or even a little clueless – when it comes to leveraging potential funding sources like stock, cryptocurrency, ETFs, or IRAs. But when we’re avoidant, says my guest on this episode of What the Fundraising, we’re leaving money on the table. Vance Roush, Founder & CEO at Overflow isn’t suggesting that people running nonprofits need to become experts in any of these non-cash vehicles. We just need to partner well! That’s why this former Google employee, who recently raised $8 million in 45 days to secure a new church for the growing congregation he founded, developed a platform to manage and educate both donors and fundraisers. “We have an opportunity to unlock unprecedented amounts of generosity if we can remove that friction,” says Vance, who is tremendously optimistic about the future of solving problems like climate change and homelessness. Why? Because there is a palpable entrepreneurial energy among young people who want to do more than make apps and widgets. Vance has seen first-hand a growing wave of collaboration and innovation that he believes will move the needle on the most intractable social inequity. 

You’ll learn about how Overflow is working to create a giving platform that – with a single button – opens up entirely new windows of possibility for donors with stock, crypto, and other non-cash resources. The net result? An increase in average donation amounts. And who doesn’t want that? So, as Vance says, it’s time to harness Silicon Valley’s venture-capital approach to fundraising by getting bold, risking failure, and inviting our prospective funders to go on the journey with us!

Please note: This episode is a part of a very special series called The People Behind the Products. More than ever, nonprofits care about the company behind their technology and service providers. What’s the underlying mission and vision of the company? What do they stand for? And how are they thinking about the sector and serving nonprofits? This series is an opportunity to get to know some of my favorite nonprofit technology companies so that the next time you’re making a tech decision, you can understand a little bit more about the people behind the product. There is no sponsorship or industry money behind the production of this series and the editorial content was at the sole discretion of the What the Fundraising team. 


Vance Roush


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Get to know Vance:

Vance Roush is the Founder and CEO of Overflow and on mission to inspire the world to give. Specifically, Overflow unlocks unprecedented levels of generosity by empowering Nonprofits, Foundations, Churches and Corporations to accept non cash assets like stocks & crypto with ease. 90% of wealth is in non cash assets and orgs are still mainly fundraising for cash. Overflow is fixing that. Outside of Overflow, Vance serves on the board of Nonprofits, as well as VIVE Church as a Founding member His background is in tech from companies like Google. Him & his wife, Kim, live in the Silicon Valley with their 4 children Lennox, Emerson, Tatum, & Wesleigh Dior


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