EPISODE 5: Fundraising and Funder Behavior: The Tiny Habits That Will Change Your Life with BJ Fogg, PhD

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“Change the size of the ask, according to how motivated the person is in that moment, not in general, but in that moment.”-

Episode #5


In this episode of What the Fundraising Podcast…

I talked to behavior scientist and author BJ Fogg, PhD. BJ is one of my biggest teachers and superheroes, he has run a lab at Stanford University for 20 years now, and for the last 10, he’s dedicated his work to behavior design.

His book Tiny Habits is a wonderful explanation of how our brains work and what small but effective techniques we can use to create habits and beat fears. His Fogg Behavior Model is perfect for fundraisers out there, it goes from allowing yourself to feel success over small victories, to taking action by tracking down your prompts and abilities.

In this conversation BJ shares SO many useful and simple hacks, I felt like I had to write them down. Plus, his approach to people is immensely human, compassionate, and positive, (just like fundraising!) You really don’t want to miss this conversation.

BJ Fogg, PhD is a Stanford behavior scientist, author of the book Tiny Habits, and one of my absolute teachers and heroes. In this conversation, BJ shares his Fogg Behavior Model plus many useful and simple hacks to defeat fear and create habits for anything we want to achieve. His approach to people is immensely human, compassionate, and positive. (Just like fundraising!) You really don’t want to miss this conversation.



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