152: The Key to Responsible, Effective, and Impactful Adoption of AI with Shereese Floyd

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“AI can create content that understands the likes, pain points, and brands of your target audience.”

– Shereese Floyd
Episode #152


In this episode of What the Fundraising Podcast…

In this episode of What the Fundraising Podcast,
Join us on an enlightening conversation to demystify AI’s role in the nonprofit world and discover the keys to responsible, effective, and impactful AI adoption. Whether you’re a nonprofit professional or simply curious about AI’s potential, this podcast offers valuable insights that can benefit organizations of all sizes! 

My guest today, Shereese Floyd, is a seasoned women’s leadership consultant and founder of AI consultants for nonprofits. She has a unique perspective on harnessing the power of AI responsibly to drive positive change. With a background as a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Shereese brings a wealth of experience in marketing and storytelling to her endeavors. Her ability to craft compelling narratives and deliver impactful messages has made her a sought-after keynote speaker and a TEDx presenter, captivating audiences with her insights and wisdom.

Our discussion delves into content creation and the role of AI in enhancing the quality of nonprofit messaging. Shereese discusses how AI can be trained to effectively align with an organization’s mission and engage with its target audience. Also, she provides insights into the strategic implementation of AI in nonprofits and valuable advice on approaching AI integration with a clear plan and purpose, ensuring that it complements your team’s efforts rather than overwhelming them. Finally, the conversation wraps up with a spotlight on a surprising AI tool—Canva. Shereese explains the hidden potential of this widely used platform and how it can simplify tasks and streamline operations for nonprofits.



Shereese Floyd


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Get to know Shereese Floyd:

Shereese Floyd is the founder of AI Consultants for Nonprofits — a communications and messaging firm that specializes in artificial intelligence and organizational thought leadership. She is an executive coach with extensive experience in team building, culture, organization design, and facilitation, Shereese has worked with numerous organizations to help them increase revenue through story-based marketing. Prior to starting her own company, she spent over two decades in nonprofit marketing as the director of communications. Her emotional branding style and storytelling skills have aided in companies making billions of dollars. 

Shereese is dedicated to teaching people how to use stories to unite people around a cause and to influence behaviors that move people to action. She is an advocate for social change and believes story is the one thing that truly brings the world together. She has been featured as a thought-leadership expert for leading nonprofit brands such as CharityHowTo, Bloomerang, Network for Good and Nonprofit Learning Lab. She is also an adjunct professor for the Academy of Nonprofit Excellence. Shereese is an award-winning TEDx speaker and the organizer of TEDxMintStreet. She is an advocate for social change and believes telling our stories is the one true way to change the world. Her work has been featured in Chief Learning Officer, Essence, TEDx, Forbes Entrepreneur Magazine and CEO World. She was recently named one of 100 Women to KNOW in America and Who’s Who to Know in Black Charlotte.


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