150: The Evolving Landscape of Technology, Data, & Fundraising with Katherine Scott

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“The most successful fundraisers understand that humans are not all that different overall. We are predictable, and the data will help us surface leads and that they have good intuition, but they shouldn’t over-rely on it because they risk having their biases come to the forefront.”

– Katherine Scott
Episode #150


In this episode of What the Fundraising Podcast…

Mallory engages in a dynamic conversation with Katherine Scott, an esteemed Prospect Development Specialist based in Toronto, Canada. With over ten years of experience in fundraising and a wealth of expertise in nonprofit organizations, Katherine shares her invaluable insights into fundraising, prospect research, and integrating AI-powered tools like iWave into the fundraising landscape.

Katherine’s impressive credentials include her role as President of Apra Canada, highlighting her leadership within the professional fundraising community. As an accredited information professional, she brings a unique skill set encompassing knowledge management, competitive intelligence, corporate social responsibility, and more to her role in the field.

The episode starts with Katherine’s introduction, where she shares a glimpse into her remarkable journey. With a background in international development and a deep commitment to making a positive impact, Katherine’s accidental entry into fundraising quickly evolved into a passion for prospect research, major and transformational giving, and the responsible use of AI in fundraising. As the conversation unfolds, Katherine delves into the challenges she faced when she first started fundraising, glancing at the evolving landscape of technology and data accessibility. Her keen insights shed light on the delicate balance between data abundance and the importance of data quality and context, a critical aspect of her role as a Prospect Development Specialist. Also, the podcast explores the role of AI in fundraising, with Katherine sharing her thoughts on its transformative potential within the industry. Her dedication to ethical and responsible AI usage underscores her commitment to maintaining the highest standards in fundraising.

Moreover, Katherine explains iWave, a powerful prospecting tool integral to her fundraising journey. She elucidates how iWave streamlines data aggregation and analysis, empowering fundraisers to make informed decisions and prioritize prospects effectively. Katherine also addresses concerns about the intersection of technology and human relationships, emphasizing the need for technology to enhance rather than replace personal connections. As the podcast ends, Katherine leaves listeners with practical guidance for organizations contemplating the adoption of prospecting tools like iWave. Her recommendations, steeped in years of hands-on experience, offer a treasure trove of insights and invaluable direction for nonprofits eager to harness the transformative potential of AI-driven tools!

Tune in to unlock a wealth of knowledge and expertise from a seasoned professional in the fundraising arena!



Katherine Scott


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Get to know Katherine Scott:

Katherine Scott is a seasoned prospect research and development professional with over a decade experience working in philanthropy for a range of organizations including MSF Canada (Doctors without Borders), Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation, Canadian Red Cross and Toronto Metropolitan University. She currently serves as President of Apra Canada, the professional association for research, data, and prospect development professionals. Katherine holds a Master of Arts in Political Science and International Development from the University of Guelph and a Master of Information from the University of Toronto.


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