145: Breaking the Fundraising Mold: Empathy and Design Thinking in Action with Sheryl Cababa

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“Human centered design, I think a lot of people assume, like, there’s an equity component built into it, but I don’t actually think there is. If you’re just focused on end users, you’re not really thinking necessarily about fairness, which is a big component of equity, right? Fairness across differences. ”

– Sheryl Cababa
Episode #145


In this episode of What the Fundraising Podcast…

Do you want to enhance your design practices and create more equitable outcomes for marginalized communities? Are you seeking a solution to incorporate human-centered design into your nonprofit organization? Look no further! Our guest, Sheryl Cababa, will be sharing the key to achieving improved design practices and fostering greater equity in the nonprofit sector. Join us as we explore how to create meaningful impact and drive positive change within your organization, resulting in more inclusive and equitable outcomes for all.

Sheryl Cababa is a staunch believer in human-centered and equity-centered design. Pioneering her way through the design landscape, Sheryl currently leads as the Chief Strategy Officer at Substantial, a transformative design studio ensuring that design solutions are informed by the real lived experiences and contexts of the end users. With a design background shaped by industry giants like Microsoft and Philips, she has a unique ability to understand and weave the intricacies of design thinking with profound empathy for human experiences. Sheryl is particularly focused on uplifting historically marginalized voices in the education sector, crafting tools and solutions that approach the user experience innovatively and equitably.


Sheryl Cababa


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Get to know Sheryl Cababa:

Sheryl Cababa is the author of Closing the Loop: Systems Thinking for Designers. She’s a design researcher and strategist, and is the Chief Strategy Officer at Substantial, an education-focused research, Her focus is on using equity-centered design to help clients reimagine education. She also teaches at the University of Washington’s Human Centered Design and Engineering program, helping to introduce systems thinking to the next generation of designers.


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