139: Starting Your Nonprofit Fundraising Journey with Gerald A. Moore Sr.

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“You can leverage your genius, your athleticism, your entrepreneurship in the tech space, but people like me need it to be visible.”

– Gerald A. Moore Sr.
Episode #139


In this episode of What the Fundraising Podcast…

Gerald A. Moore Sr is a CEO, Visionary, and Thought Leader for young Black males, committed to empowering and inspiring the next generation of leaders. Having dedicated two decades to cybersecurity and management consultancy, Gerald has expert insights into the tech and STEM spaces. Recognizing a disheartening dearth of young black males in these fields, he harnessed his experiences to inspire and empower at-risk BIPOC boys. He founded Mission Fulfilled 2030 with a clear purpose to provide opportunities and mentorship to underserved communities. Under Gerald’s leadership, Mission Fulfilled 2030 has grown from a startup with zero funding to a nonprofit organization that has raised over $400,000 and impacted the lives of over 7000 young people

In this conversation, Gerald generously shares his experience starting Mission Fulfilled 2023 – and what some of the initial roadblocks and gates were that were so surprising when he was just starting out. Despite being a successful engineer, Gerald found himself struggling to secure funding for his nonprofit. It was a reality that caught him off-guard, and in his own words, ‘I realized that fundraising for a smaller nonprofit was a whole different ball game’. 

We dive into the challenges that smaller nonprofits face when it comes to fundraising and provide actionable strategies for success. We also get specific and talk about what you need to have before reaching out for grant funding, some things to consider when setting up your nonprofit Board of Directors, and what can keep you motivated when you face all of the very common challenges of new nonprofits. Gerald gives such good advice for people who are starting out – from self and community care to staying focused on the mission – this episode has it all. 


Gerald A. Moore Sr.


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Get to know Gerald A. Moore Sr.:

Gerald A. Moore Sr. is a visionary leader and the CEO of Mission Fulfilled 2030, a nonprofit organization dedicated to closing the opportunity gap for young Black boys. With over 20 years of experience as a cybersecurity engineer, Gerald made a courageous decision to leave the corporate world and leverage his technology expertise to serve his community. Through Mission Fulfilled 2030, he is transforming the lives of at-risk boys from disadvantaged and underserved communities by providing access to STEM education, mentorship, and workforce development programs. Gerald’s passion for empowering young Black boys and his commitment to creating a more equitable future have garnered recognition and support from various organizations and partners. His relentless drive and dedication make him a true change-maker, inspiring others to join the mission of empowering the next generation of Black leaders in the tech industry.


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