134: Donor Engagement: Understanding Benchmarks & Behavior Through Neuroscience with Jill King, Steve Agauas & Brian Kissell

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“Your business is people; you’re trying to connect with people and get them to give funds to these various organizations.”

– Brian Kissell
Episode #134


In this episode of What the Fundraising Podcast…

Are you tired of ineffective strategies for improving donor engagement? Do you want to achieve better donor engagement through a blend of creative and analytical strategies? It might be time to revolutionize your approach with learnings from neuromarketing techniques that tap into the psychology of donor behavior. And if so, you’re in luck. Today, Steve Agauas, Jill King, and Brian Kissell from Moore Neuro Fundraising Lab are here to reveal some secrets behind enhancing donor involvement through the balance of data-driven insights, testing, and innovative thinking. 

As the Neuro Fundraising Lab explores the elusive world of predicting donor behavior through neuromarketing techniques, they grapple with the challenge of using data to understand the emotional and unpredictable nature of altruistic giving. And in this episode, we’ll show you how to balance creativity and science to craft powerful fundraising campaigns that connect with donors on a deeper level to exceed your goals. 




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Get to know Steve Agauas, Ph.D.:

As the Director of the Moore Neuro-Fundraising® Lab, Steve oversees a talented group of researchers who provide cutting-edge market research services that help clients better understand how donors engage with their creative materials. In addition to his consultation work, Steve also provides internal and external education on the advantages of neuromarketing techniques, research methods, and testing. Steve specializes in Cognitive Psychology and spent much of his training using eye-tracking technology to explore how people process meaning as they read and how action affordances may influence reading and visual processes.

Get the know Jill King, Ph.D.:

Jill is a cognitive neuroscientist who earned her doctorate from Tulane University in New Orleans in 2021. Specializing in visual attention processing within multimedia environments, she enjoys applying her research skillset to the unique questions presented by neuro-fundraising.

Get to know Brian Kissell, Ph.D.:

Brian Kissell, Ph.D. is an experimental social psychologist and quantitative researcher. Brian is passionate about utilizing best scientific practices, along with robust experimental and data science techniques, to help clients find accurate answers to meaningful questions.


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