133: Donor Engagement: Building Authentic Connections in Nonprofit Email Marketing with Racheli Edelkopf

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“My goal is to build connection, build community, and even more important, I want to dig deep and say, you know what, whatever mission I have, chances are part of that mission is to promote it.”

– Racheli Edelkopf
Episode #133


In this episode of What the Fundraising Podcast…

Are you a nonprofit marketer looking to enhance your email strategy and build stronger relationships with your audience? Discover the power of shifting your mindset in nonprofit marketing with Racheli Edelkopf, as she shares her journey from program director to running a boutique marketing company. Racheli truly has a way with words that will transform your connection with donors.

Racheli’s journey began in the for-profit world, but she soon discovered her true calling was to use her marketing skills to make a difference. She joined a nonprofit organization that assists individuals with disabilities, where she played an instrumental role in tripling program participation and securing valuable sponsorships. 

Over the years, Racheli discovered the impact of personalization and relationship-building in nonprofit email marketing to make donors feel like they are an important part of the organization’s journey. Today, Racheli helps nonprofits attract more supporters by creating genuine connections with their audience. 



Racheli Edelkopf


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Racheli helps nonprofits market the heck out of their cause and create the impact they want to make. She’s obsessed with marketing that makes your cause magnetic while building relationships and super fans for your cause. Whenever she’s not collabing with nonprofit rock stars, she can be found with her three kiddos or training for her next half marathon.


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