128: Clean Data: Transforming Data Collection to Decision-Making with Tim Lockie

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“Data doesn’t matter by itself. Who cares if you just have a pile of data in the back? It doesn’t matter.”

– Tim Lockie
Episode #128


In this episode of What the Fundraising Podcast…

Have you heard the myths that data management in nonprofits is too difficult, too expensive, and too time-consuming? Don’t believe everything you hear! Join this conversion with Tim Lockie to learn the truth about developing a sustainable relationship with data in your organization.

As Tim reminds us, data becomes information, and information becomes insight.

Hailing from Bozeman, Montana, Tim’s expertise lies in the intricate relationship between data, technology, and human behavior. As the Founder & CEO of The Human Stack, Tim has demonstrated a strong commitment to helping nonprofit leaders harness the power of data to make informed decisions.

Throughout his career, he excelled at combining data, technology, and human relationships. However, during a conference in 2019, Tim was struck by a statistic: While 90% of organizations collect data, only 5% use it to make decisions. This realization led Tim to question his entire approach to helping organizations, ultimately prompting him to develop a new method that focused on teaching people how to effectively utilize their data.

There is so much to learn from Tim’s unique perspective and extensive knowledge in the world of data management so dive in to this episode and meet Tim!


Tim Lockie & The Human Stack


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Get to know Tim Lockie:

Tim Lockie is the Founder and CEO of The Human Stack, co-host of the Why IT Matters podcast, and uses he/him pronouns. His history with the nonprofit world and technology seems to be intertwined. Tim has 20 years of organization experience as a volunteer, youth worker, camp counselor, music instructor, foster parent, getaway driver for teens in danger, board member, finance director, bookkeeper, recruiter, and community administrator…the list goes on. He has seen system deficiencies range from missed opportunities to damaged relationships in these capacities. Tim believes that Digital Transformation is affordable and scalable with nonprofits of all sizes and is obsessed with The Human Stack. You can hear more from him and his co-host Tracy Kronzak on the Why IT Matters podcast.


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