126: Demystifying the Mental Health Conversations with Aaron Machbitz

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“Suicide is not selfish because they’re not thinking about anything outside of getting rid of this pain that they feel.”

– Aaron Machbitz
Episode #126


In this episode of What the Fundraising Podcast…

Aaron Machbitz discovered the power of vulnerability when tragedy struck and unexpectedly redirected his life. Through open and honest conversation, he has become a beacon of hope for those seeking solace and understanding – inspiring us to ask, what does it take to create meaningful connections and foster emotional validation in times of pain and loss?

Aaron is a mental health advocate whose journey began as a professional wrestler with a performative lifestyle. Aaron’s life took an unexpected turn when he experienced a personal loss, leading him to question the value of authentic connections and emotional honesty. Today, Aaron is the founder of the mental health nonprofit, YouAreLoved, and host of the podcast, Something for Everybody, where he shares his insights and experiences in mental health, vulnerability, and building genuine connections. Through his work, Aaron aims to create a supportive community and equip individuals with the tools they need to navigate their emotional well-being and foster meaningful relationships.

In this episode, you’ll learn Aaron’s approach to helping others – centered around the idea of validating, appreciating, and referring. He also emphasizes the importance of setting healthy boundaries while being honest about one’s own struggles. 

TRIGGER WARNING: In this episode we talk about suicide, loss of a family member, greif and other challenging topics, if you decide to listen please do so with your own mental health and wellbeing top of mind. 


Aaron Machbitz


  • Listen to Aaron Machbitz’s podcast, Something for Everybody, where he discusses mental health, personal growth, and other important topics.
  • Visit the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention website to learn more about suicide prevention and access valuable resources.
  • Support Aaron’s mental health nonprofit, YouAreLoved, which provides resources and support for professional wrestlers and those in need of mental health assistance.
  • Many thanks to our sponsor, Givebutter for making this episode possible. Our friends at Givebutter really understand what it takes to be a magnetic fundraiser. Their fundraising platform empowers millions of changemakers to raise more, pay less, and give better every single day. To learn more about them, head on over to givebutter.com/mallory.
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Get to know Aaron Machbitz:

My name is Aaron Machbitz. I’m a former Division I Baseball Player and Pro Wrestler. Since graduating in 2014, I have been taken many different paths. But 2020 was the year that I really found my purpose and passion. Mental health is at the core of everything I do, and my mission is to create deeper connection within ourselves while integrating different communities and facilitating real genuine connection. I traveled the world wrestling and continue to be a part of independent professional while working with Experience Wrestling. I host a hit podcast called Something For Everybody, own + operate a mental health non-profit, coach, speak and create daily content on social media to spread optimism, love, empathy and mental health awareness.


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