nonprofits and COMPANIES work together
to make A big social impact!

We love Pledge because their tools help you build Power Partnerships. We are always asked, ‘what’s an EASY first way for a company and nonprofit to work together?’. Well, adding donations to an online retail experience inspires customers and helps support the causes that companies care about.  These tools make our heart sing because they have amazing benefits for the nonprofit and company:


For companies, they can choose to support one cause or many at checkout. They can support the same nonprofit throughout the year or run targeted campaigns!


Companies can add an Impact Calculator to their checkout to share the real-time impact of donations. This is such an easy way for the nonprofit to share impact with their audience too!


Pledge handles all of the back-end work that comes with charitable giving, including donation disbursements and receipts. The legal and financial challenges of cross-sector partnerships are taken off your plate, so you can focus on growing your business and supporting the nonprofits you love.

Attention: companies wanting to make a bigger social impact & NONPROFITS WHO WANT TO GIVE THEIR CORPORATE SPONSORS AN EASY WAY TO PARTNER!

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In addition to helping with your corporate partnerships, Pledge also offers other amazing tools to help your nonprofit fundraise more! Did you know Pledge offers the first Donate Button Built for Zoom?

This new app allows your donors to:

Easily turn your zoom meetings into fundraising opportunities


When I did the demo for inside Power Partners Formula™ of this new tool for nonprofits to raise money I couldn’t stop thinking of the possibilities to create a culture of giving with your board, supporters, and anyone else you interact with on Zoom. Watch this video to learn more about it.


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