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Overplanning kills magic

Planning is my frenemy. For real, though. Planning is one of my greatest strengths, especially when it comes to work, and taking care of people and other. I get reinforced daily about how wonderful my planning skills are (wooohooo!!).

But actually, I’m an over-planner. And I’m SURE it kills magic. Magic in my relationships, magic during travel, magic in my work. .

But how can I stop when control and planning feels so GOOD. Honestly, I don’t know if there is a better endorphin release than checking a ‘to do’ off my plan. .

Recognizing this alone is helping me plan less, helping me recognize when I’m planning for the sake of planning and not because I actually NEED to make a plan (which is also totally subjective… but, hey, I’m trying for small improvements over here!)

What can you NOT plan today? Where can you fit in unstructured time? Then, (and here’s the kicker), if magic doesn’t happen the first time, do it again, and again, and AGAIN. I’m going to be working on that too, we’re in this together.

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