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Median Compensation for female CEOs LOW in Nonprofit Sector

One month isn’t enough, but it doesn’t have to be the only time we recognize what women are doing in the nonprofit sector. Let’s do this for each other, daily and for the long haul until things get better.

Women Power the Nonprofit Sector but They are Systematically Disempowered.


While I know you are powering organizations big and small behind the scenes and in the spotlight, there is a leadership and pay gap in this sector among women.


  • Median compensation for female CEOs is 4% to 25% behind those of males (depending on the size of the nonprofit)
  • Only 18-22% of women lead nonprofits with budgets larger than $50 million

And the even more undiscussed truths:

  • Even bigger gaps and heavier weight for WOC
  • Harassment, gaslighting, and shaming behind the scenes

women power the nonprofit sector but non profit fundraising coach are systematically disempowered through median compensation and leading lesser budgets

Because the Median compensation for female CEOs is low, I intend for my voice to be heard about this, to share in your struggles and pain and to lift you up so you can keep doing what you do so well, despite these negatives.

I am not even close to being satisfied, but this month I celebrate us. I thank you for your bravery, and I’m doing my part to support you in becoming fully funded.

It’s an honor to work with and witness every single one of you.

Please share your stories with me so we can amplify our voices together. Let’s do this.

Read more statistical data here.

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