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In the Eye of the Beholder: Become a Confident Fundraiser by Understanding Your Nonprofit's Value

Confidence is a tricky thing: it’s simple to say, to talk about, and to identify, but confidence is difficult to reach, and it’s even harder to hold onto.

Creating Community for Good – A New Way to Fundraise

The importance of changing the narrative of nonprofits around money, engagement, and donor-organization relationships.

We Are For Good – 4 Fundraising Tips to Transform Your Fundraising this Year

4 fundraising tips to transform your fundraising in 2021: awareness, goal setting, power partner focus, and shifting the culture of your organization

The Make an Impact Podcast – Get Ready for Giving Tuesday

We are less than a month away from Giving Tuesday – is your organization ready? No matter the size of your non-profit or annual budget, this day is HUGE! This is basically non-profit Christmas/New Years/whatever calls for sparklers and confetti. Do you have a top notch strategy in place?

The Freshman Fundraisers Podcast – Authenticity in Fundraising

We talk to Mallory Erickson, Executive Leadership & Development Coach about the importance of authenticity in fundraising.

TIE Unearthed – The Secret to Fundraising

This is the show where we unearth new ways of looking at ever evolving life around the world. Seen from a number of different industries, cultures, and backgrounds. And there’s one thing that unites everyone I speak to.


NEON Generosity Summit

Tune in to watch Kishshana Palmer (TEDx Speaker. International Keynote. Founder, The Rooted Collaborative. Podcast Host. Management + Leadership Consultant & Coach) exchange some thoughts with Mallory Erickson (CEO and Founder of the Power Partners Formula™️) on what women working in the philanthropic sector experience and how we evolve our approach to creating safe and equitable spaces for all women.

DonorPerfect (5 Tips to Make Fundraising WAY Less Awkward)

Manage all of your donor data and fundraising campaigns in one place

How To Attract, Find & Build Strategic Corporate Partnerships with Mallory Erickson

Are you tired of getting ghosted by funders? Or feel like fundraising is always a hustle hamster wheel?

Raise More Together Summit

How to Find the Right Corporate Partners

Level Up Your Leadership: How to Use Executive Coaching Tools to Increase Your Impact - Mallory Erickson

The nonprofit landscape is changing rapidly, and leaders are expected to rise to the challenge without the tools needed to understand our own leadership abilities. While a lack of resources can directly cause external barriers we can’t control, it also obscures many internal barriers that we CAN remove—if only we had a better understanding of who we are as a leader.

The Center for Volunteer and Nonprofit Leadership

We help leaders, organizations, and volunteers take their impact to the next level.


Fundraise 25% More Without Feeling Like A Used Car Salesman

Full Potential Ventures

Leaders who know how to tap into themselves and the power of the people around them to lift everyone up for even greater impact. Leaders who call upon bravery and boldness, heart and head, and a solid set of tools and knowledge to create solutions to our most vexing problems.

Bloomerang – COMING JANUARY 2022

Coming Soon..


What If I Told You That You Never Had to Make an ‘Ask’ Again?

A scarcity mindset means that you are holding thoughts and beliefs that there isn’t enough of something. An abundance mindset means that you believe that there’s plenty out there and enough for everyone.

Nonprofits, Stop Prospecting So You Can Actually Raise Money

I know, I know, you got it so you could have the most perfect moves management system and donor prospect reports, etc. And don’t worry, I love a good moves management system so I’m not suggesting you cancel that subscription.


Want to engage your audience with ground-breaking fundraising advice and strategies?

I specialize in presenting exciting, new fundraising and money-mindset strategies that are digestible and actionable. My resources help individual organizations raise more money for themselves and drive more funding into the nonprofit sector.

Topics I write about include:


My vision is to provide nonprofits and the nonprofit sector with a disruptive and lucrative fundraising blueprint. My trainings take groups and individuals through a roadmap of skill development needed in order to raise more and stop the burn out from the fundraising hustle hamster wheel.

For over two years, I’ve spoken about fundraising, money, and the nonprofit sector for a variety of different audiences. In May 2021, I was named one of 5 Nonprofit Speakers that are Transforming the World of Fundraising by readwrite.

Through these webinars and workshops we can create a fundraising dialogue around how we feel as fundraisers and nonprofit leaders, and provide the support, resources, and strategies to break through the old-school nonprofit narratives that are keeping us stuck and holding us back. We know that the number one cause of stress in the nonprofit sector is money, but not many people are having that honest conversation.

Topics I speak about include:

“Not only her fundraising expertise, but her unique blend of Energy Leadership coaching with development provided just the genuine message of hope and lift we were looking for to launch our program year with authenticity, positivity, and possibility. In addition, she was communicative, collaborative, and a joy to work with leading up to the event. Highly recommend!”



Not only am I a podcast host, but I would love to be a guest for YOUR podcast!
My specialities are:
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