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Leveraging AI to Strengthen Your Fundraising

These days, it seems like artificial intelligence (AI) is virtually everywhere! From ChatGPT to self-driving cars and even your recommended products on different websites, AI is changing how we do life and business. For those of us in the fundraising area, AI may seem like something outside our area of expertise. However, there are certainly opportunities for leveraging AI to strengthen the work that we do. 

What is AI?

Incorporate AI's ubiquitous influence, from ChatGPT to personalized recommendations, transforming various aspects of life and business – even in fundraising, where untapped opportunities lie for leveraging its potential.

Most of us have are familiar with the term AI. However, many people may have a bit of difficulty explaining what it is. Thus, before discussing how you can strengthen your fundraising work with AI, it is probably useful to define what exactly is meant by AI. 

In many ways, AI involves using complex mathematical algorithms and computer operations to help machines “think” like humans. The result is machines that are able to make decisions and recognize patterns. When applied to different areas, this enables AI to do novel things like create original content. Because AI is able to be applied to many different problems, disciplines, or industries, there are a myriad of potential uses. 

The Rapid Growth of AI

In recent years, AI has seen a huge increase in growth. This is largely due to major developments in areas like machine learning, deep learning, and big data. The ability of computer programs to more efficiently process large amounts of data and be trained on incredibly large data sets means that modern AI is now able to process information in some contexts similarly to how humans do. 

As a result, the uses of AI have increased dramatically. For example, when you ask a question to Alexa or Siri, you are using AI. Potential fraud alerts from your credit card company also use AI to detect potential cases of theft. Self-driving cars, facial recognition passcodes, and chatbots for website customer service all utilize AI in order to function. 

These days, AI is becoming increasingly incorporated in virtually every industry. While you may not think about AI as a key tool for nonprofits, the reality is that more and more nonprofits and fundraisers are using AI to streamline their missions and improve the quality of their work!

How Can AI Be Used in Fundraising? 

Those of us working in fundraising can benefit greatly from finding the most efficient ways to integrate AI technology into what we do. One of the most beneficial skills that AI can help us with is content creation. For many non-profits, content creation can be one of the most time consuming aspects of a job. However, it is also one of the most critical. 

If you have never thought about using technology to assist in content creation, you can look no further than the recent cultural popularity of ChatGPT in order to see how revolutionary this type of content can be. Artificial intelligence means that algorithms can be trained on vast amounts of writing, enabling them to mimic human-generated content fairly easily. Thus, content creation is a wonderful application of AI within nonprofits, specifically for busy fundraisers. 

Finding a Seamless Way to Incorporate AI in Fundraising

One of the questions that you may be asking is how to best harness the utility of AI towards your fundraising content. While there are many options out there, most are generic and certainly not trained on the data most useful to clients of nonprofits. 

I’ve recently learned more about Constant Contact, a company that provides seamless integration of AI into their small business tools.  Their digital marketing tools include useful aspects for e-mail marketing and social media management. While these tools are incredibly useful for nonprofits, perhaps the most impressive tool provided by Constant Contact is their AI Generator

This AI Generator has an easy to use interface and provides many options for creating engaging content well suited to the needs of fundraisers. The generator was developed using proprietary data and algorithms that are specially focused on learning the types of content that clients of nonprofits and small businesses are most likely to engage with. This means Constant Contact’s AI Generator is optimized for working with nonprofits, making this tool a great fit for fundraisers. Additionally, it leverages ChatGPT technology to draft quality copy! 

Benefits of Using Constant Contact’s AI Generator for Content Creation

There are many reasons why AI is a perfect tool to help nonprofits work with creating content. Here are some of the many reasons why I think people will love harnessing the power of AI to help with content creation for fundraising. 

Save Time

In the nonprofit sphere, time is a precious commodity, and if content creation isn't your strong suit, the efficiency of Constant Contact not only aids in crafting compelling material but also liberates valuable time for prioritizing donor management and realizing overdue projects.

If there is one thing that is at a premium in the nonprofit world, it is time. Creating effective content can be a huge time commitment, particularly if you are not a natural writer. Using Constant Contact to create content has the potential to open up a ton of time for you to focus on other critical tasks like donor management. You can even start knocking out those wish list projects that we all have on our backburners. 

Break Writer’s Block

For those who spend a lot of time coming up with content, it is normal to have times where you reach writer’s block. Sometimes coming up with new ideas can be frustrating for me as well, and I do a ton of writing. In these situations, you can turn to the AI Generator for prompts, ideas, or content. Since it is trained on data specialized to your intended audiences, you can have confidence it will generate engaging content. 

Gear Content for Multiple Channels

Another great benefit of utilizing Constant Contact’s AI Generator for content creation is the ability to streamline content for multiple channels. It provides the ability to generate custom content in seconds while also adapting it to multiple types of channels including social media and e-mail marketing. Optimize your output for the respective channel that will host it, helping you bring in more clicks.

Customize Tone and Type

One of the things I found most interesting about AI Generator is the ability to easily select the tone and type of content to have it create. Tones can be selected from professional, enthusiastic, informative, approachable or persuasive. Meanwhile, content types can include things like promotion, announcement, and newsletter. This is a great way to get started on your next fundraising writing project with just a few clicks. 

Streamlined Integration

While there are other options for harnessing the power of AI for your fundraising content out there, one thing impressive about this offering from Constant Contact is its seamless integration into their existing marketing tools. Thus, a subscriber to Constant Contact won’t have to constantly change back and forth between tools or worry about AI content being difficult to integrate across platforms. Everything lies right at the tip of your fingers in a convenient solution. 

Learn More about How AI Generator Can Benefit Your Nonprofit!

Discover the Advantages of AI Generation for Your Nonprofit – Learn More!

As fundraisers, we know that telling compelling stories and delivering engaging content is essential for helping increase and retain donors. If you have been thinking about the benefits that a tool that harnesses AI for non-profits can bring, checking out Constant Contact and its AI Generator may be of interest to you! 

If you want to learn more about how Constant Contact’s AI Generator can strengthen your work, the company provides a free, no risk trial that allows you to give it a try here! Plus, you can use the promo code MALLORY to get 30% off your first three months if you decide to become a subscriber. I’ve loved the benefits provided by Constant Contact and am happy to share this important resource with you as well!

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