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Learn how to increase your odds of getting funding with visualization

Prime your mind, change your outcome...

Prime your mind, change your outcome…

There is one secret that you can implement that can change the course of your life… You see, everyone that’s successful got there by preparing before they perform. Let’s consider an athlete. Before any big game, they prime. They warm up, they get focused, and they get in sink to their goal. Little do they know, but they are actually visualizing.

Visualization is one of the most powerful things we can do to get the outcome that we want. You see, with visualization, you tap into the power of infinite potential.

Visualization equals more funding

visualization must be done by a digital fundraising consultant on fundraising trends and successful outcomes

You might be thinking; “if I am seeking funding, what will this do for me?”. A game for an athlete is like a donor meeting for you. A meeting with a potential investor is a huge deal. There are two outcomes. You either get the funding or not. The real question is; “how do I guarantee a win?” How do I get the donor to say yes!?

top fundraising consultants guarantee a win and get the donor to say yes

Practicing and role playing for the meeting would only have a small impact. This is why it is highly important to take a few minutes to visualize before.

Visualizing before the meeting will turn the odds into your favor. It will alter your subconscious mind, which doesn’t know win from loss. To think in your favor. It will cause your brain to become more creative and come up with solutions you never thought of. Visualization, also causes things to get weird… Have you heard about “the law of attraction”? It taps into the power of the universe, to cause things to go to your favor. You suddenly become luckier and funding becomes effortless.

Don’t go into another meeting with an investor without visualizing before, even if it’s only for 5 minutes.

Take it from the pros.

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