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Is it inappropriate to fundraise right now?

Whether or not you believe it’s a bad idea to fundraise right now, you’re going to prove yourself right.

I have been fundraising for 15 years.
Not your average GoFundMe campaign fundraising.
I have been fundraising millions of dollars a year for years.

And here’s what no one talks about….

Your BELIEFS about money, philanthropy, and fundraising are driving your action.
If you don’t think it’s a good time to fundraise right now, you’re going to prove yourself right. Your thoughts and beliefs are going to get in the way of the authentic action that you need to drive towards results. And you’re going to find all of the data to support your beliefs.
It’s basic confirmation bias.

But let me tell you what’s happening to organizations that BELIEVE it’s an important and necessary time to be fundraising (and not just orgs addressing COVID), they are bringing in money. The ones who are fundraising from awareness, alignment, and authentic action are bringing in A LOT of money.

My clients are telling me story after story of donor generosity. One of my clients just told me about a $75,000 donation from a donor whose top gift had previously been $25,000. Another client told me about a $250,000 restricted program grant being turned into an unrestricted grant to cover operating expenses. I just converted $450,000 in sponsorship money from two in-person events that had to go virtual.
What do all of these situations have in common?

Anabolic Beliefs/Thoughts —> Authentic Action —> Powerful Results

But, then I was talking to one of my clients and telling her about what I was seeing happen in the other organizations I work with. And she says, ‘ugh well that’s nice, and all but that is NOT what’s happening with us!’
Me: ’Wait. Have you made an ask?’
Her: ‘Well, no.’

Ok, hold the phone people!
There is no money if you do not give people the opportunity to give!
You cannot bring in transformative revenue without doing the hard thing.
The hard thing is the ask – which is really just giving people an inspiring opportunity to show up with the money/support/partnership you need.
There is no easier way.

I get it. I used to wish there was an easier way too.
I used to be terrified of making the ask.
I’d feel a pit in my stomach and stumble over my words. It’s totally normal.
Fundraising brings up the risk of rejection and that means that our harshest inner critics come out to play.

But here is what I KNOW to be true.
If you do the work.
Become aware.
Build the right relationships.
Get aligned and find the alignment.
Act and ask from a place of authenticity.
You become a Fearless Fundraiser.

Get one step closer RIGHT NOW by signing up for my next [ FREE ] Fearless Fundraising Crash Course.
I’m going to give you all my best stuff and get you on your way to bringing in the money you need.
I cannot wait for you to join me!

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