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If you’re doing this, you’re hurting your fundraising.

What I’m going to tell you today is very simple.

You probably know how true this is deep down but haven’t taken the time or energy to change it.

Or maybe you don’t know how.

So let’s start at the top.

Fundraisers are always getting ‘rejected.’

We have people say no to us every day.

And if you don’t have people say no every day, well then we need to talk! Because that’s the sign of a different problem. But I don’t want to digress here…

I want to talk about what happens when someone says no.

How do you feel?

What do you say to yourself?

Are you on your own team, cheering yourself on?

Or do you start to beat yourself up?

If getting a ‘no’ leads to something like this…

“You definitely asked too early! UGH. You are so bad at this!”

“You totally asked for too much, and you knew better. When are you going to learn?”

“They must really not like you because they would have totally said yes if Nancy asked.”

…then you are 100% sabotaging yourself as a fundraiser.

This pattern is going to lead to MORE fear around fundraising.

You are going to avoid the most impactful actions more regularly.

You are going to feel more anxiety and stress on a daily basis.


Because you don’t have your own back.

You can’t trust yourself to be kind, compassionate, or forgiving.

When we can’t trust ourselves to have our own back, we avoid absolutely any activity that risks hearing all of that negative self-talk.

It makes sense, right? Why would we want to listen to some voices beating ourselves up all day every day? So we shut down.

The #1 thing you can do RIGHT NOW to start fundraising more fearlessly is to be kind, compassionate, and forgiving when things don’t go ‘the way you want them to.’

How can you start doing this TODAY?

Need some help? Book a discovery session with me today to find out how working together 1:1 can turn YOU into a Fearless Fundraiser.

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