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How to Write a Nonprofit Mission Statement

Mission Statement: How to Write One for a Nonprofit

How to Write a Nonprofit Mission Statement
How to Write a Nonprofit Mission Statement

First of all, are mission statements still a thing people even look at? I know, I know, they can seem like outdated and boring sentences that have little to do with what your organization really does. 

But they are an integral part of running a successful business, especially as a non-profit. And they have everything to do with summing up the impact you make in the world.

More importantly, your mission statement serves as a guide and assists you and your board in decision making. They are just as much for you as anyone else.

Jeff Bezos explains: “It helps to base your strategy on things that won’t change.”

So what does your Mission Statement look like? As a nonprofit coach, I find that most organizations are way too broad in their mission statements, which doesn’t serve them well.

What to Say

When creating or editing your statement, make sure it’s super clear. Every mission statement should summarize why your nonprofit exists, whom it serves, and how it serves them. Be clear, concise, and informative. 

👉 If it seems too specific, it’s probably not.

This helps you when making your major decisions on who to work with and what  projects you’ll be focused on or which ones to decline/exit.

You can even write your mission statement in a way that’s geared to attracting money. Ask yourself: What does it look like when we’re doing our best work?

What’s a Vision Statement? Is this different than a mission statement?

A vision statement explains the goals of your organization looking into the future, while your mission statement outlines your present plans to realize your vision. 

Vision: what you’re planning to achieve

Mission: what you’re doing today to get there

They both reflect the goals of your business, but serve completely different purposes. Your mission statement serves as the roadmap in achieving your vision. Your vision statement is the guide for your business. 

These can be separate written statements for your business, or they can be combined into a more comprehensive mission statement. Having individual ones and a combined one allows you to utilize them for different business purposes, so it may be worth developing variations over time.

Bottom line: Well-crafted mission and vision statements can inspire people to engage with your organization and deserve a space on your website.

Where to Use It

Don’t be shy about having your Mission Statement prominently displayed on your website! Be proud about and share EXACTLY what you’re doing in the world and for whom.

It’s also a fantastic tool for your investor pitches.

Pitch With It

When pitching, you must fully believe in every aspect of your mission and what your statement clearly and specifically describes. This goes a long way into being able to present confidently and have your potential donors understand just what they’re donating to.

And you can do it all in 1 minute.

What should be included in your 60 second pitch?

– Mission Statement

– Program of Interest 

– Use their Language 

– Win-win Energy 

Show up ready to win their bid, knowing just what you’re looking for and how it will help them to partner with you. 

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