Elevate Your Fundraising Game: Harness the Power of Habit Design

Find Fundraising Success with the Action & Enablement Mini-Course

As a fundraiser, sometimes it seems like the same story, year after year:

You’re struggling to connect with your donors, because you’re not sure what to say and how to say it in a way that feels like “you.”

You want a sustainable, long-term strategy, but you can’t get out from the constant pressure to hit short-term targets – so you want to know how to connect short term actions with long-term results.

You’re emotionally drained and overworked, and have been neglecting your health and your personal life so you want to know how to do less but raise more.

In short – you’re tired of just spinning your wheels, and want to be taking daily actions that will lead you to your fundraising goals.

If I’m speaking your language, you need to know that YOU’RE NOT THE PROBLEM.

But it’s time to fundraise smarter, not harder by accessing and applying scientifically-proven habit and behavior tools to your fundraising approach!

It’s time to use the science of habit formation to step up your fundraising game and finally see tangible results!

Understanding and designing your fundraising habits will not only change how you fundraise, but also how you connect with your donors and finally find fundraising success.

Here’s how it works:

So, are you ready to harness the power of habit design to transform your fundraising approach?

Unlock the Secret to Fundraising Success with Action & Enablement

Introducing Elevate Your Fundraising Game: Harness the Power of Habit Design — an interactive and engaging deep dive into Dr. BJ Fogg’s acclaimed Behavior Model.

You’ll emerge with a toolkit of habits that promise to reshape your fundraising strategies for maximum impact, as you:

Best of all, this mini-course includes the opportunity to put theory into practice with:

PLUS, this course is 100% free, thanks to Instil!


I’ll be your coach, consultant, and cheerleader.

I am a Certified Executive Coach and Fundraising Consultant that specializes in helping social impact fundraisers apply life-changing scientific research and personal development frameworks to their fundraising work.

My brave, bold, and innovative framework teaches nonprofit fundraisers to raise more from the right funders so they can stop hounding people for money. Fundraising doesn’t have to be uncomfortable when it is built around a win-win framework and authentic partnerships.

A little about me:

Are you ready to enhance your connection with donors, increase donation frequency, find your fundraising flow and ultimately raise more?

The principles of habit formation and behavioral psychology in this course will help you design fundraising habits to make your work more effective and impactful.

Plus, nobody knows better than me that as a fundraising professional, your time is at a premium. So everything is designed with your time optimization in mind!

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