I help nonprofit leaders confidently raise more money without the stress and overwhelm.

What’s your fundraising superpower based on your personality?


if so, i can help!

I teach nonprofit leaders and fundraisers strategies that consistently. . .

private coaching and consulting options

Mallory Erickson Coaching provides a limited number of spots available each month for one on one coaching to enhance your process in the Power Partners Formula™ course. Options range from assisting with creating a customized fundraising plan, having accountability support in implementing your plan, or having our team join your team to create your documents and develop your fundraising tools needed to raise more money without hounding your donors.



A VIP Day gives you the opportunity to get customized 1:1 support to create your Power Partners fundraising plan, get your questions answered, and move on to the next project on your list. We know you do not have extra time, and this VIP day is built to optimize your energy, time, and impact. And to get you results, FAST.

With no interruptions or distractions, we can steamroll through your project to get to a clear set of action steps that you can implement to help you raise more from the right funders. 

Additionally, since the Power Partners Formula™ is included in this package, you have 12 months of group support following the VIP day to make sure your follow-up questions can always be answered via the facebook group and our monthly group coaching calls.


I know that it can be scary when you’re unsure about how impactful a VIP Day can be. After all, we have been trained in this sector to believe that more time = more impact. But this is rooted in a scarcity mindset and it isn’t the truth. We can turn your dreams into a reality through a VIP Day which saves you time, money, and most importantly, fast-tracks your impact.

Energy Leadership Assessment

Do you know how you show up to fundraise? Your energy and the way you show up is critical to your success and how you should move forward with your fundraising plan. I adapted the Energy Leadership Index Assessment 7 levels of energy to fundraising.

what people are saying


Working with Mallory one-on-one felt like a breakthrough. She talked me through how to overcome the negative energy holding me back. She asks great guiding questions and let’s you talk through some things to come up on that “Ah ha” moment that sometimes we can’t see. As a result, I now have personal goals and mantras for things that make such a difference. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without Mallory’s support. Instead of having my self-critic holding me back in my head, I have Mallory cheering me on instead! I’m beyond grateful!

Natalie Jakub
Executive, Director at Green Living Science



Mindset Mastery

1. You will learn how to show up confidently, clearly, and consistently in your work

2 You will learn how to overcome anxiety, self-doubt, and imposter syndrome as you shift into your new-found identity as a powerful fundraiser

3. You will learn how to hack your brain’s naturally – conditioned tendencies for negativity and fear, to take action and make success inevitable

4. You will learn how to deal with challenges without going into panic or paralysis


Fundraising Mastery

1. You will have a simple plan to execute that creates focus and scales easily

2. You will learn how to identify and focus on the most revenue-generating fundraising strategies for your specific non-profit

3. You will learn how to create messaging and communications that make your donors reach out to YOU

4. You will learn to talk about your nonprofit and fundraising in a way that feels authentic and even enables you to look forward to making the ask!


Leadership Mastery

1. You will learn how to be an authentic, confident, and inspiring leader – increasing staff retention, board engagement, and joy in your work

2. You will learn how to build an organizational culture that embraces fundraising

3. You will create an organizational brand that is deeply aligned to your core programs, values, and goals

4. You will learn how to identify, at any given time, exactly WHY you aren’t achieving your revenue goals and what exactly you need to do to fix it


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of people say that trust is very important to their decision to give to a nonprofit but only

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of people say that they “highly trust” nonprofit organizations?


This lack of trust is a big problem in nonprofit leadership and has a big impact on fundraising.

Also, this lack of trust might help explain why the average donor retention rate is a sad 54%.

These statistics are probably not at all surprising to you because you deal with the stigma that surrounds the nonprofit sector and fundraising every day. I know,  because I did too!

But, this is EXACTLY why you should be figuring out how to be an authentic and embodied  fundraiser that inspires confidence and hits revenue goals with ease.

Fundraising doesn’t need to feel daunting, confusing, stressful, or frustrating

How would you feel if you had. . .

ONLY 25% of applicants are accepted!

Here’s the truth: When I partner with organizations and leaders, my reputation as a coach and fundraiser is also at stake. That means I will ONLY work with people that I KNOW I can help.

The clients I look to work with are. . .

Do you have the courage to become the fearless fundraiser you want to be?

If you want to become a fearless fundraiser, let’s talk. This call is 100% FREE, so there’s ZERO risk for you.

On our call, I’ll help you understand EXACTLY what’s holding you back from fundraising confidently and effectively. And if we mutually agree that it’s a fit, we can talk about the next steps.

However, this call is not an opportunity to get as much free advice as you can in 30 minutes.
If you are not serious about working with me one-on-one then this call is not for you! Instead, please sign up for my newsletter and get the free tools and resources that I am constantly offering those on my list!

what people are saying


Now that I’ve worked with Mallory, I believe everyone would benefit from coaching. In each session I gain a clearer perspective about what I want and what’s holding me back. She helps me to break down my mindset, behaviors, and circumstances to sift through what is under my control and what my choices are. I leave feeling both heard and challenged, and I’ve been so impressed with her structure, objectivity, and empathy. I noticed a shift in the energy I bring into the workplace in just a few sessions.

Joanne Schneider DeMeireles
Co-Founder / Head of Product at Kindbody

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