But in order to get you off your fundraising hamster hustle wheel, we need to help you focus, prioritize, and stay in effective action.


It is NOT easy out there right now. I feel the sense of defeat in the sector and the overwhelm that nonprofit leaders and fundraisers are dealing with.

But you can’t do things exactly the same way and expect different results. 


For the first time ever, I am launching 2023 with a Power Partners Action Camp – A Combination of the Power Partners Formula + Cohort Style Accountability, Coworking Time, & Additional Training

💡Know which fundraising opportunities to pursue in 2023 and which to ditch (including that pressing question of whether or not you should have an event) 

💡Have designed your complete annual fundraising calendar with campaign dates, event dates (if applicable), content calendar, meeting schedules, and more! 

💡Have created clear and effective sponsorship levels for any events, programs, or your overall organization 

💡Have raised money while building your fundraising muscle through my 7-Day Challenge 

💡Understand your fundraising barriers and tools to overcome them in the moment of resistance (as well as habits and team culture to set up to decrease resistance in the future)

💡Have built community and connection with other nonprofit leaders and fundraisers who have gone from overwhelm and ‘not knowing where to start’ to clarity, action, and celebration.


The problem is that the way that fundraising has historically been designed ensures that your nervous system oscillates between a state of flight (shiny object syndrome) and freeze (paralysis and perfectionism)

In these two states, we are disembodied, overwhelmed, exhausted, and we cannot find clarity around a path forward.

The pandemic + the current economic climate, have had you on high alert, and in emergency mode for far too long. Our bodies, our nervous systems, are not designed for this.

To get out of this loop of paralysis and overdrive, You need more support, and you need it in an accessible, accountable, and community-based way.



Our Beloved Power Partners Formula + A Four-Week Cohort for Accountability, Feedback & Additional Support

A place for fundraisers to come to get clarity, create their annual plan,fundraising streams and start building raising more from the right funders.

👋Pay in full for the Power Partners Formula ($997) by January 20th and You Are Automatically Enrolled in Action Camp👋

Here are the logistics….

We will spend 4 weeks intensively together (January 23th – February 17th)

You will have Monthly Power Partners Group Coaching Calls Starting in February and Following Action Camp

The Power Partners Group Coaching Calls are something truly special. They happen every first Tuesday of the month at 9am PST/12pm EST.  

You Will Have Access to a 30min Hot Seat Call with Me  

The Power Partners Group Coaching Calls are something truly special. They happen every first Tuesday of the month at 9am PST/12pm EST. 


One Payment

$ 997 paid before January 20th so you can launch with us on January 23rd
  • There will be 3 Hours of self-guided pre-work from inside the Power Partners Formula™ BEFORE the first live session.
  • There will be an ADDITIONAL 90min LIVE training/coaching session
  • There will be FOUR 60min CO-WORKING sessions, ONE a week
  • You will have a private place to ask questions
  • 12 months of access to the Power Partners Formula™
  • You will have Monthly Power Partners Group Coaching Calls Starting in February and Following Action Camp
  • You Will Have Access to a 30min Hot Seat Call with Me
Let's GO

This Action Camp + Power Partners Formula™ power pack is for you if you...

Here’s more about your Coach and Camp Counselor...


I’ll be your coach, consultant and cheerleader. 

I am a certified executive coach and fundraising consultant that specializes in helping social impact fundraisers apply life-changing scientific research and personal development frameworks to their fundraising work. 

My brave, bold, and innovation framework teaches nonprofit fundraisers to raise more from the right funders so they can stop hounding people for money. Fundraising doesn’t have to be uncomfortable when it is built around a win-win framework and authentic partnerships.

A little about me:

Here’s what people have said after working with Mallory….


The Power Partners Formula™ is a course that takes all of the guesswork out of fundraising. Step-by-step, you’re walked through how to identify the right Power Partners for your organization, how to engage them effectively (no more ghosting!), and how to get that YES for funding. You cannot find the information inside Power Partners Formula™ anywhere else because it has been my secret sauce in working with organizations 1:1. Until now…

The majority of people and organizations that thrive inside the Power Partners Formula…

  • Are single ED lead organization who needs fundraising direction and a tailored community OR a small shop development team (usually less than 3) 
  • Are an organization with an operating budget between $100,000 – $3 million.
  • Have all been part of at least one fundraising campaign (could be for the organization they work for now or a walk they participated in years ago – they just need to have fundraised in SOME way at least once before), some of our most active members have also been fundraising for 20 years!

If you’re someone who. . .

  • knows how to build authentic and close relationships in your personal life but haven’t been able to translate that into your nonprofit leadership and fundraising. 
  • is stuck in your perfectionist tendencies – always needing the perfect letter, email, list, question, or answer – and so making big asks seems like a heavy lift. 
  • feels exhausted, overworked, and lonely – and yet deep down you know there has to be a better way to fundraise for your organization. 
  • is looking for permission to stop doing one more event or campaign with little or no return on investment. 
  • wants the validation that fundraising through “best practices” is more about pleasing your ED or Board than about raising money in ways that align with who you really are. 

Then the Power Partners Formula™ is for you. 

The short answer is: everything.

✔︎ Group coaching calls with me!

✔︎ Lessons that feel like we’re sitting together in your living room going over your fundraising challenges.

✔︎ Workbooks that guide you through how to think differently about your fundraising strategy and focus.

✔︎ Email templates that earn an average 85% return rate for my clients (no that is NOT a typo).

✔︎ Exclusive Facebook group with support and more education!

Everything you need is literally in this program – and if you EVER get stuck, I have your back.

You will need about 3-5 hours to get through the content (all broken up into bite-sized pieces in under 15-minute lessons) to make it super easy and digestible. PLUS, the templates provided for you will save you dozens of hours (not to mention all of the time you’re NOT spending doing things wrong). And here’s the thing, you’re going to learn this ONCE and then apply it every single day so this will save you thousands of hours over the course of your career. I know you don’t have time to spare and I will not waste the precious time you have! Remember, I’ve been in your shoes!

In addition, to help you move through the program at an easy pace, I have a 12 week day by day guide for 60-90 minutes worth of time to help you start raising more money immediately. 

To see how the course is broken up and what all is included check out this page.

Most of the people thriving inside Power Partners are moms (many of them single moms), and no one is busier than working single moms. We respect your time and this program is designed with the busiest people in mind. We are able to do this because Power Partners is based on the best fundraising science mixed with the ART of fundraising. It is rooted in habit building and behavior change to create efficient and effective fundraising machines.

With Power Partners, nonprofits raise more money without wasting months or even years trying to trial and error their way to successful fundraising efforts. 

Plus they aren’t ruining relationships with donors by hounding them.

For the standard Power Partners Formula™  class everyone currently gets one Hot Seat call (as a bonus) where I spend 30 minutes walking you through anything you want: I can coach you on a big partnership meeting, I can help ghost write, I can help you strategize, this is your time to have me help you with anything you need. 

In addition to the Hot Seat call, every month you can submit questions before the group coaching call so I can coach you through any sticking points you are having this month. 

And finally with Power Partners Formula™ , you get access to the private Facebook group page where I am always in and out to answer your questions, but you can also get support from others who are doing the program RIGHT ALONGSIDE YOU! 

If you are looking for 1:1 weekly accountability and more facetime with me, I suggest you look at the Power Partners Plus program where I combine the Power Partners Formula™  course with one on one coaching sessions.

Power Partners Formula™ is designed to work for organizations both large and small, but for large development offices I suggest you contact me directly at Support@MalloryErickson.com to discuss group rates. For smaller organizations we can allow up to three users to access the video content, but only one person per organization can have access to the Facebook group, the group coaching calls, and the Hot Seats. 

We love seeing funders support their grantees by helping them fundamentally fundraise differently. Please email Support@MalloryErickson.com to discuss group rates. And to learn more about the work we do with funders, please visit us here.

I mean, honestly, you should have bought this yesterday 😉  but now will have to do! You shouldn’t waste any more time trying to fundraise without this program. (And, you’re being offered a special 12-month payment plan if you need it, so if you need that flexibility now is your time!)

I’ll be honest, the Power Partners Formula™ is NOT for everyone. It is not for fundraisers who….

  • are looking for done-for-you support – although my Power Partners Plus program might be the right 1:1 structure if you do need more support. Email support@malloryerickson.com for more information. 
  • are looking for guidance on incorporating social media into their fundraising strategy. However, my friend Dana at Positive Equation has a course on this. Use the code MALLORY for $50.00 off. 
  • are looking to boost their grant writing skills. However, my friends at Learn Grant Writing are the experts! Use code MALLORY for 10% off their course. 
  • are looking for support on building out a monthly giving program. But look no further because Vik Harrison has an amazing course – The Monthly Giving Launch Guide – and is offering 20% with the code MALLORY. 

If you change jobs within your 12-month license, you will get to retain a license with your personal email and your organization will get to move a license to a new person on their team.

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