What Are The Right Online Fundraising Tools For Your Organization?

Have you been having analysis paralysis? We’re here to help.

In this 60-min webinar you will learn how to leverage the right tech tools for end-of-year fundraising without the stress and overwhelm

The live webinar was live on September 17th, but you can still get the recording and slides! 

The Top 5 Reasons Why [YOU THINK] You Can't Fundraise Successfully Online


We have been right where you are – frustrated, overwhelmed, stressed and filled with doubt about our end-of-year online giving strategy.

Here Are Just A Few Of The Things You'll Get When You Enroll In This Webinar.


This means that you will be able to fundraise more in your end-of-year campaign, with less stress and overwhelm (even now!), so that you can hit your fundraising goals and focus on your mission!

We have been right where you are – frustrated, overwhelmed, stressed and filled with doubt about our end-of-year online giving strategy.

We see you. Does this sound familiar?

You have gone to every online fundraising training you can imagine, you’ve probably even done a private demo or two. You have some semblance of a fundraising plan with different online tech tools integrated. But everything still feels stressful and uncertain.

It doesn’t seem like any of your online fundraising strategies are actually working, and it’s always a mad dash to reach your fundraising targets by the end of each year.

At this point, you really wish someone would break it down for you and explain what REALLY matters about online fundraising and how to make decisions that are right for your organization.


Mallory Erickson

Executive Coach & Fearless Fundraiser

Mallory Erickson has spent the last 13 years in social impact sectors, serving as the Managing Director and Executive Director of multiple organizations, with multi-million dollar fundraising requirements in these leadership roles.

Once Mallory became a coach, she recognized her own limitations around fundraising. As she adapted coaching tools and strategies to her own fundraising work (the same tools that she’ll be teaching others on this webinar), the results were tremendous. She increased her fundraising by 1000% in six months using her own Fearless Fundraising program!

Since starting her private practice, Mallory has successfully coached over 50 fundraisers to increase their fundraising capacity by powerfully combining her tactical fundraising expertise with the critical components of executive coaching.

Mallory’s approach to fundraising coaching and consulting is unique; she knows that it is critical to address the fears and discomforts around asking for money head on so that leaders can move past those fears and leverage the fundraising superpowers they have deep inside. In doing so, impact leaders like you make important decisions for your organization, launch bold fundraising efforts designed uniquely for you, and mobilize your community and supporters into action.

Julie Lacouture

Founder and Consultant at Good Ways Inc.

Julie Lacouture is the founder of Good Ways Inc, a consulting firm that helps nonprofit organizations raise money, awareness, and support using digital tools and good old-fashioned strategy. Julie has worked with organizations including MLK Community Health Foundation in South LA, Disability Rights California, and the California Community Foundation. She developed and taught a Digital Fundraising class at UCLA Extension.

Prior to Good Ways Inc., Julie worked in communications and fundraising at some great non-profits including DonorsChoose.org, the Massachusetts Coalition against Domestic Violence, and Peace Games. She started her career in corporate PR and Advertising where she drove a hotdog across the country for Oscar Mayer and was a copywriter for McDonald’s, Coldwell Banker, and other brands.

She holds an MBA from UCLA and degrees in Psychology and Advertising from Syracuse University.

Is this webinar right for you?

This webinar is for you if you’ve already integrated online fundraising tools that are NOT working or are tired of the analysis paralysis around how to improve your online fundraising.

This webinar is not for you if you are not ready to give up some of your poorly designed tools or approach online fundraising differently.

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