Get Access To Powerful Fundraiser's Best Kept Secret: Fundraise Successfully Without The Overwhelm and Uncertainty (even during the COVID pandemic)!

The Top Five Reasons Why Organizations Are Struggling With Fundraising Right Now:

  • You don't understand where they are 'leaving money on the table'.

  • You are feeling paralyzed with indecision and don't know the right fundraising activities to prioritize (especially in light of COVID).

  • You haven't identified your fundraising superpowers or how to leverage them effectively.

  • You haven't perfected your pitch for this complicated moment.

  • Staff and/or board members are uncomfortable fundraising or feel like it’s inappropriate to do so with the economy, COVID, etc etc…



I have been right where you are - frustrated, overwhelmed, stressed and filled with self-doubt about whether or not I could meet my fundraising goals.


But the secrets I unlocked in my own process - the secrets that allowed me to grow my fundraising by 1000% in six months - are exactly the secrets I use with my clients to help impact leaders like YOU who are looking to fundraise confidently and successfully RIGHT NOW!



This webinar is a crash course in how to fundraise strategically while staying embodied as your authentic self

This means that you will be able to fundraise more, with less stress and overwhelm (even now!), so that you can hit your fundraising goals and focus on your mission!

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Here Are Just A Few Of The Things You'll Get When You Watch The Fearless Fundraising Crash Course

  • I have taken over 100 training courses to make donor meetings feel less stressful. You’ll learn the #1 hack I’ve learned to walk into a major donor meeting with confidence.

  • Discover the truth about fundraising during COVID that no one is telling you... you’ll start communicating with donors 5X more efficiently RIGHT after this webinar!

  • Understand the Seven Styles of Fundraising which was the key to unlocking my fundraising superpowers and those of over 50 clients!

  • Discover a surprising strategy to optimize productivity and manage your time. I implemented this strategy years ago and it helped me raise an additional 1.5 million dollars. It has helped over 50 of my clients increase their productivity and fundraising success.

  • The #1 mistake I made when trying to get my board to fundraise that hindered them from taking action and from me getting the support I needed from my board. As soon as I fixed these mistakes, board members started to mobilize!

  • And much MUCH more!!!


Mallory Erickson

Executive Coach & Fearless Fundraiser

I have spent the last 13 years in social impact sectors, serving as the Managing Director and Executive Director of multiple organizations. I have had significant fundraising requirements in all of my leadership roles.


Once I became a coach, I recognized my own limitations around fundraising. So, I started putting coaching tools and strategies into practice in my own work (the same tools that I'll be teaching others in my one-on-one coaching program). The results were tremendous. I increased my fundraising by 1000% in six months using my own Fearless Fundraising program!


And, I am giving you my biggest secrets to all of this free webinar!


This is the first step to break down what is truly inhibiting your success, so that you can see impactful, long-term, and sustainable fundraising success!.

Fundraisers love this webinar!

I’m so inspired to jump into my new role and you have helped me so much with just a few simple tools and ideas.

Wendy R.

I got so much out of the webinar. I really, Really, REALLY appreciate what you are offering!

Elizabeth T.

This was everything I thought I needed and way WAY more. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Katie D.

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