I help nonprofit leaders fundamentally change the way they lead and fundraise.


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I have over a decade of experience working in every inch of the nonprofit sector – serving as the Development, Managing, and Executive Director in multiple organizations. In the last 7 years, I’ve been fundraising in the multiple 7 figures, every year. Through my signature framework, the Power Partners Formula™️, I now provide unique tools to help nonprofits fundraise more from foundations, corporate partners, and individuals without hounding them. I have trained over 20,000 fundraisers using this unique win-win framework, which combines best practices from executive coaching, science-backed behavior design, and fundraising strategy. It is the combination of those frameworks through a fundraising coaching lens that radically transforms the way that people lead and fundraise. 

No more….

Our work together starts with the Energy Leadership Index

Energy Leadership™ Assessment for Nonprofit Leaders

When I was a nonprofit Executive Director I knew that what I was doing (what we were all trained to do) wasn’t working. In an effort to stop the path of burnout that I was on I started investing in my Executive Coaching skills. Part of this led me to be certified as a coach in the Leadership Index Assessment (or Energy Leadership Index – ELI), which I have brought into the sector and use to help nonprofit executives discover their natural style of fundraising and how to harness it effectively.

What is Energy Leadership™?

Energy Leadership puts you in touch with the missing link between your ambitions and your ability to achieve them. The process of Energy Leadership coaching starts with the ELI (Leadership Index Assessment) a research-backed attitudinal assessment praised by leaders all over the world and even highlighted in Forbes as an assessment that every executive should take. The ELI captures our unique lens through which we perceive and experience the world – which directly impacts our ability to fundraise powerfully! Energy Leadership Coaching focuses on building:



Mindset Mastery

1. You will learn how to show up confidently, clearly, and consistently in your work

2 You will learn how to overcome anxiety, self-doubt, and imposter syndrome as you shift into your new-found identity as a powerful fundraiser

3. You will learn how to hack your brain’s naturally – conditioned tendencies for negativity and fear, to take action and make success inevitable

4. You will learn how to deal with challenges without going into panic or paralysis


Fundraising Mastery

1. You will have a simple plan to execute that creates focus and scales easily

2. You will learn how to identify and focus on the most revenue-generating fundraising strategies for your specific non-profit

3. You will learn how to create messaging and communications that make your donors reach out to YOU

4. You will learn to talk about your nonprofit and fundraising in a way that feels authentic and even enables you to look forward to making the ask!


Leadership Mastery

1. You will learn how to be an authentic, confident, and inspiring leader – increasing staff retention, board engagement, and joy in your work

2. You will learn how to build an organizational culture that embraces fundraising

3. You will create an organizational brand that is deeply aligned to your core programs, values, and goals

4. You will learn how to identify, at any given time, exactly WHY you aren’t achieving your revenue goals and what exactly you need to do to fix it



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You don’t need one more fundraising plan. You need less resistance to take fundraising action.

Fundraising naturally causes resistance.


Because it requires uncertainty, risk, fear of rejection, actual ‘rejection’, etc. all of the things that make our lizard brain (and then our body) go wild because it perceives a ‘threat’ but can’t tell the difference between an email unsubscribe threat and ‘getting eaten in the woods’ threat.

This is what makes fundraising SO hard.

It’s not that the actions or the plan are that hard to implement, it’s that removing the resistance to implementation (and getting away from scattered spray fire fundraising) requires tools and skills that we are not typically taught in this sector.

That’s why Fundraising & Executive Coaching is game-changing for your fundraising results and leadership development.

Don’t believe me? Listen to this Seth Godin Clip From What the Fundraising

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Fundraising doesn’t need to feel daunting, confusing, stressful, or frustrating.

How would you feel if you had…..


I’ll be your coach, consultant and cheerleader. 

I am a certified executive coach and fundraising consultant that specializes in helping social impact fundraisers apply life-changing scientific research and personal development frameworks to their fundraising work. 

My brave, bold, and innovation framework teaches nonprofit fundraisers to raise more from the right funders so they can stop hounding people for money. Fundraising doesn’t have to be uncomfortable when it is built around a win-win framework and authentic partnerships.

A little about me:

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