Energy Leadership™ Assessment for Nonprofit Leaders

When I was a nonprofit Executive Director I knew that what I was doing (what we were all trained to do) wasn’t working. In an effort to stop the path of burnout that I was on I started investing in my Executive Coaching skills. Part of this led me to be certified as a coach in the Leadership Index Assessment (or Energy Leadership Index - ELI), which I have brought into the sector and use to help nonprofit executives discover their natural style of fundraising and how to harness it effectively.

What is Energy Leadership™?

Energy Leadership puts you in touch with the missing link between your ambitions and your ability to achieve them.

The process of Energy Leadership coaching starts with the ELI (Leadership Index Assessment) a research-backed attitudinal assessment praised by leaders all over the world and even highlighted in Forbes as an assessment that every executive should take. The ELI captures our unique lens through which we perceive and experience the world – which directly impacts our ability to fundraise powerfully!

Energy Leadership Coaching focuses on building:  
Just becoming more aware of your thoughts, emotions and behavioral tendencies under normal circumstances and under stress can empower you to choose what is working for you and let go of what’s not. This process WILL raise your leadership level and make you a more effective and embodied fundraiser.


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Want to learn what your Energy Leadership Style is and how to harness it for your nonprofit?

The Energy Leadership Assessment is included with all Power Partners Plus programs. Book a free discovery session now to learn more.
Energy Leadership Assessment Index provided by iPEC coaching

Strategic Partnership Offerings

(list of services below)

Fearless Fundraising Group Coaching Program

(Only Available to Funders - 10 Grantees Per Group)

One of the biggest challenges of fundraising is that it can be a very isolating experience. The very nature of fundraising is vulnerable, given that some rejection is inevitable. Creating a community with other fundraisers is invaluable in providing support, motivation, and accountability. This 6-week program provides your grantees with immediate help fundraising during the COVID pandemic and beyond. Some of the content includes:

Power Partners Formula

(Securing New Aligned Funders)

In this course, I help non-profit leaders get in front of the right funders so they can raise more without hounding people for money. The self-guided course includes step-by-step guidance on how to find, prioritize, engage, and ask the RIGHT funders for your grantees. They will have hours of video modules, supporting workbooks, and example materials that will help them:

The course includes all of my favorite executive coaching tools as well so that your grantees will have tools and practices to keep them motivated, confident, and action-oriented.

They have access to a private Facebook group to get all of their questions answered and monthly group coaching calls.

Private coaching is the most direct way to support your grantee’s leadership development and increase their fundraising. Through 1:1 coaching, your grantees will have an understanding of who they are as a fundraiser and nonprofit leader, and the hidden belief systems that are helping and hurting them. Our partnership will unlock their fundraising superpowers and support them with the tactical expertise to successfully execute the most strategically aligned fundraising efforts. All of my fundraising superpowers are at the organization’s disposal. You can read more about 1:1 Fundraising & Executive Coaching here.

Please note: There are a limited number of spaces available for this offering. At any given time there may be a waitlist so please get in touch ASAP if you are interested in retaining me for 1:1 services.

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