Fundraising & Marketing: Capabilities, Not Identities

There are many things I love about working with non-profits. There are also some things that can be a bit frustrating at times. One of these frustrations for many people is the tendency to build walls and silos, something that seems almost endemic in non-profits. A great example of this lies in fundraising and marketing.  …

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Internal Dialogue: Chatter

Chatter: The Ethan Kross Blog (pt 2)

What is chatter? Do you use your own name when you talk to yourself? What’s amazing about talking to a thought leader and award winning author are the insights you get when being able to ask whatever you want. That was my recent experience when I had the privilege to interview Dr. Ethan Kross, author of …

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The Core of Coaching


Our thoughts and beliefs dramatically impact how we experience life and the way we show up to it. Often times, our stress, fear, indecision, anxiety, self-doubt, imposter syndrome, self-consciousness, in-action (and on and on and on) is coming from a thought, a voice, a story in our head. You might think those feelings are coming from a …

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