Board Fundraising Masterclass: Transforming Passion into Action

Empowering Your Board with the Skills and Confidence to Drive Fundraising Success

Feeling stuck with board member engagement in fundraising?

You’re not alone. 

Fundraising can be a tough nut to crack, especially when your board members feel unprepared or hesitant. 

But what if we could change that? 

Imagine your board members not only understanding the importance of fundraising, but also feeling confident and excited to take action. 

Believe it or not, there is a way to turn that vision into reality.


Many nonprofit leaders share the same challenges—getting board members to step up and take charge in fundraising can seem daunting. But it doesn’t have to be this way. 

Picture your board members confidently sharing your organization’s story, building strong connections with donors, and driving your mission forward with enthusiasm and energy.

Here’s What Could Happen:


My Board Member Training Course is crafted with a deep understanding of the unique challenges that both you as the fundraiser AND your board members face. This isn’t just another training program—it’s a strategic, empathetic approach designed to empower your board members with the confidence and skills they need to succeed.

My goal is that by the end of this self-guided course, your board sees the impact of…


Are you a board member wondering what you’re going to get out of it? Here’s a little bit about the learning journey…

Understanding Your Role

I want to help you understand your unique role in fundraising and discover the story you hold that will engage donors. I’m not going to have you stand out there with a bucket and a bell, or ask you to go door-to-door. There are no slimy strategies here! I want you to understand your orientation to the work better and learn how to identify alignment with the RIGHT funders for your organization.

Overcoming Fundraising Fears

We will address common fears and misconceptions about fundraising, and you’ll learn how to approach it with more confidence (it really IS possible). If you feel uncomfortable fundraising, you’re not alone! I’m going to teach you how to be involved in a way that isn’t cringy and doesn’t feel like you’re nagging the same friends year after year!

Crafting Your Message

Master the art of storytelling to connect emotionally with potential donors. You are going to learn how to tell your connection story and the story of an organization in a way that feels great to you and the person on the other end. The first step in fundraising isn’t asking for money, it’s creating connection. That is 90% of the work… and you already have everything you need inside of you to do it!

Engaging The Right Funders

Do you already have a pit in your stomach because you think I’m going to ask you to go back to the SAME people year after year with the same ask? Nope. That is one of the most common concerns I get from board members. They always feel like they’re being asked to walk around with their handout. Not this time! My alignment-first fundraising methodology is not about your ‘Rolodex,’ it’s about finding the right people for your organization and knowing how to talk to them!

Why not turn your next board meeting or gathering into a transformative experience? This course is designed to be watched together, creating a shared learning journey that can spark new ideas and strategies for your entire board. Plus, it’s a great way to foster teamwork and collective commitment to your fundraising goals.

You will get a pre-training survey and post-training debrief survey questions to help you better understand your board members’ fundraising resistance and help you put the strategies that come from this training into action.


For $247, you can equip your board with the tools and knowledge they need to engage in fundraising once and for all. Imagine the difference it will make when your board members are confident, motivated, and ready to secure the funds your organization needs to succeed.
I’m so grateful for the incredible work you do in making the world a better place. I want to do everything I can to help catalyze those around you to make your lives easier and get you more support.

Want More? Like this idea, but really want me to work 1:1 with your board instead?

In the past, I’ve facilitated live board trainings that included:


I am a Certified Executive Coach and Fundraising Consultant that specializes in helping social impact fundraisers apply life-changing scientific research and personal development frameworks to their fundraising work.

My brave, bold, and innovative framework teaches nonprofit fundraisers to raise more from the right funders so they can stop hounding people for money. Fundraising doesn’t have to be uncomfortable when it is built around a win-win framework and authentic partnerships. But to fundraise in that way requires that we leave perfectionism behind.


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