Are You Seeking More Visibility? — tips from a visibility expert Part 2

Tips from a visibility expert Part 2

In my last article, I started sharing this amazing conversation I had with my coach and visibility expert, Michelle Vos. I shared the concept of visibility and how that reflects in your life to your business and in fundraising, although it creates fear. That exchange acted as a was the foundation for tips from a visibility expert 1.0. At its core, visibility is the truth of you made known to the public. It’s something we all want, it can lead to more success, money, promotions, and the outward validations, but because it’s something that permeates your entire being and shines a light on the whole

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Seek more visibility

Are You Seeking More Visibility? — tips from a visibility expert Part 1

Have you ever realized that fundraising in itself actually involves all the components of who we are as people? And yet we look at it through a tiny lens focused on the work itself. My advice? Seek more visibility authentically. What I’ve found in my past roles as a fundraiser and now as a fundraising consultant, is that it’s when we weave in all the components of being the best version of ourselves in all things, we become the fundraisers that we were meant to be. But how do we find that most authentic version of ourselves and amplify it into the world? I recently

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In all of my years of fundraising, nobody ever talked to me about vulnerability and fundraising. Which is a shame, because it ultimately impacts the way we feel about fundraising and all we do as fundraisers.  Being in touch with the vulnerabilities that are brought up around fundraising and knowing how to handle them is …

The BEST 2021 virtual fundraising summits to invest in How long do you spend on the internal debate of investing in yourself? When I started out in the non-profit sector I’d spend days, weeks, months even trying to talk myself out of investing in myself.  But, when I finally let myself acknowledge that a growth …

How Not-Enoughness Holds You Back As A Fundraiser Do you ever feel like you are JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH? That you don’t have what it takes to lead or go into that fundraising conversation? Do you ever feel like you’re not smart enough or haven’t taken the right training? Ah! We have truthfully all felt …

4 Fundraising Tips to Transform Your Fundraising Listen Here! I sat down with the amazing team over at We Are For Good to help fundraisers launch 2021 strong. After the dumpster fire of 2020, when nonprofits pushed harder, did more, and raised more than ever before, it felt important to take a moment to recognize …

Giving Tuesday: What You Should Know Oh, Giving Tuesday.  First of all, let me say that the wisdom in this podcast episode covers WAY more than Giving Tuesday.  There are tips for:  New Fundraisers Dealing with rejection  Setting up a culture of philanthropy at your organization Fundraising Campaigns Building a team to fundraise  Plus, you …

Authenticity in Fundraising: A Conversation on The Freshman Fundraisers I loved joining Diana and Kimno-follow on the Freshman Fundraisers podcast to talk all about authenticity in fundraising.  I spent 10 years fundraising without anyone ever talking to me about this little game-changing trick. Thanks to countless fundraising training programs, I was fixated on the …


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Mallory exemplifies the word “empowering”. She is extremely perceptive, with a keen eye for identifying and building people’s strengths. Her coaching is always incredibly actionable, and I can’t think of a more caring, thoughtful, and inspiring coach. She has helped me better understand and appreciate the most important parts of who I am and who I have the potential to become. I am incredibly grateful for everything I have learned from working with Mallory, as I know her mentorship will benefit every aspect of my future career – and, more broadly, my entire life.

Amelia Dmowska
Center on Poverty & Inequality, Stanford

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