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How to Partner and Fundraise with a Purpose-Driven Brand

While the for-profit and nonprofit sectors have different goals, their interests are more aligned than they might seem. Cross-sector collaborations between nonprofits and companies are mutually beneficial for all parties involved. Not only do nonprofits receive much-needed funding for their initiatives, but corporate funders reap

 How to Design Behaviors for a Donor

The goal of behavior design is to influence a person (sometimes yourself) to take a specific action.  (Btw influence does not mean manipulate but that’s for another post).  So how do you do it?  For any action to take place, it’s a combination of the persons  Level of motivation to take the action desired of them  Level of ability to take the action desired of them  The existence of a prompt  (All of this comes from the science provided by the amazing @bjfogg)  Dr. Fogg gives us this great model to help us understand the relationship between these elements… Now let’s talk about each of

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The Right Type of Urgency in a Fundraising Appeal

Urgency is important in a fundraising appeal.  But fake urgency is detrimental to long-term relationship building. So, how do you find the ‘right’ type of urgency? First, let’s explain why authentic urgency is important… For any action to take place, it’s a combination of motivation, ability, and a prompt.  Answering the question why someone should donate ‘right now’ (in an authentic way) increases their motivation to give in the moment.  The ‘now’ matters because that’s where the prompt is (meaning if they do not take action in the moment of the prompt they will NOT take that action unless prompted again).  Unfortunately, most of the

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Did you know the success of your nonprofit organization starts with your story? That’s right. The story you tell donors, both small and large, will heavily influence how much money you raise, how many donors you retain, and whether you will build a sustainable future for your organization. When we think of storytelling, we often …

It’s always been known that nonprofit organizations need cross-sector partners to successfully raise money for their causes. However, it hasn’t always been made aware of just how much nonprofits contribute to the success and positive culture of those corporations. The need for organizations to partner with nonprofits in pursuit of broad-reaching outcomes has increased substantially …

Nonprofit organizations across the world are struggling with donor retention, with the average retention rate hovering around 45%. Of course, donor retention benchmarks vary depending on many factors, including the type of nonprofit. Retaining donors is essential to the longevity of any nonprofit organization because those returning funders represent stability. Contributors who routinely invest in …

It’s no secret that being a fundraiser is a complex job with many emotional and social aspects that make it difficult. From anxieties about asking donors for money to formulating the perfect strategy to encourage more donations, it’s understandable why so many dread the act of fundraising if they haven’t done personal work around their …

In this day and age, the advancements in technology have pushed nonprofit organizations to have to get creative when it comes to fundraising. Especially with the recent COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the planet, organizations are moving towards a more virtual avenue for raising charity funds. Hosting fundraiser Zoom events has quickly become a great way for …

What Nonprofit Fundraisers Can Learn From Political Fundraising And Organizing While you might not associate nonprofit fundraising with political fundraising, there are plenty of tools and techniques you can learn from political organizing when researching the best ways to fundraise.  If you are wondering how to fundraise for your organization or campaign, we’re here to …


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