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Are you exhausted? Overwhelmed? Overworked? Anxious? Yup. I get it. All of my clients are feeling this way right now, and I’ve been having episodes of it too. It feels a little bit like the end of the world (or the beginning), but either way a completely

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One of the main reasons you aren’t raising more money

When I was an Executive Director, if you had asked me why I wasn’t raising more money, I would have said it was because I didn’t have enough time. I would have said… I can’t meet with enough people. I don’t have enough staff support. How can I prioritize fundraising when I am always putting out fires? While of course it was true that I was extremely busy. (And you might be thinking… ‘she has NO idea, now with COVID I have absolutely NO extra time’. It is definitely any easy story to hide with.) It was even more true that I was nervous to

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Discomfort does NOT mean you are doing it wrong

This morning as I was getting ready, I started to think about the folks I spoke to this week on my Fearless Fundraising Crash Course for Board Members. I was empathizing with how some of them must feel. Overwhelmed. Uncomfortable. Defeated. I remembered back to when I started fundraising. I felt many of the same things when I was asked to send letters out to friends and family to ask for money. And I remember that I was SURE the discomfort meant I was bad at fundraising. I was SURE it meant I was doing something wrong. It must, right? Because some people are great

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Mallory exemplifies the word “empowering”. She is extremely perceptive, with a keen eye for identifying and building people’s strengths. Her coaching is always incredibly actionable, and I can’t think of a more caring, thoughtful, and inspiring coach. She has helped me better understand and appreciate the most important parts of who I am and who I have the potential to become. I am incredibly grateful for everything I have learned from working with Mallory, as I know her mentorship will benefit every aspect of my future career – and, more broadly, my entire life.

Amelia Dmowska
Center on Poverty & Inequality, Stanford

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