Authenticity in Fundraising: A Conversation on The Freshman Fundraisers

Authenticity in Fundraising: A Conversation on The Freshman Fundraisers I loved joining Diana and Kim on the Freshman Fundraisers podcast to talk all about authenticity in fundraising.  I spent 10 years fundraising without anyone ever talking to me about this little game-changing trick.  Thanks to countless fundraising training programs, I was fixated on the ‘science’ of fundraising. I was sure that there was a ‘right way’ to do everything and when I didn’t know what that ‘right way’ was, I was paralyzed.  Paralysis for fundraisers, I’ve come to learn, is incredibly common.  So many fundraisers spend so much time wondering if they’ve said the

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rest vs buffering

Rest vs buffering + Why This Matters Right Now

Are you exhausted? Overwhelmed? Overworked? Anxious? Yup. I get it. All of my clients are feeling this way right now, and I’ve been having episodes of it too. It feels a little bit like the end of the world (or the beginning), but either way a completely overwhelming moment of change. The lack of predictability and control that we all feel is throwing us into constant catabolic energy. Even if we have the tools and training to come out of that catabolic state fairly quickly, it’s still exhausting to be constantly triggered. So, it felt important to write to you today to talk about rest vs. buffering.

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Mallory exemplifies the word “empowering”. She is extremely perceptive, with a keen eye for identifying and building people’s strengths. Her coaching is always incredibly actionable, and I can’t think of a more caring, thoughtful, and inspiring coach. She has helped me better understand and appreciate the most important parts of who I am and who I have the potential to become. I am incredibly grateful for everything I have learned from working with Mallory, as I know her mentorship will benefit every aspect of my future career – and, more broadly, my entire life.

Amelia Dmowska
Center on Poverty & Inequality, Stanford

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