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Authenticity in Fundraising: A Conversation on The Freshman Fundraisers

Authenticity in Fundraising: A Conversation on The Freshman Fundraisers


I loved joining Diana and Kim on the Freshman Fundraisers podcast to talk all about authenticity in fundraising. 

I spent 10 years fundraising without anyone ever talking to me about this little game-changing trick. 

Thanks to countless fundraising training programs, I was fixated on the ‘science’ of fundraising. I was sure that there was a ‘right way’ to do everything and when I didn’t know what that ‘right way’ was, I was paralyzed. 

Paralysis for fundraisers, I’ve come to learn, is incredibly common. 

So many fundraisers spend so much time wondering if they’ve said the right thing, done the right thing, asked the right questions, and on and on. 

But often, the fact that fundraising is founded in relationship building gets lost in the mix of perfectionism and fear.

On the podcast, we talk about all of my top tips and tricks for fundraising successfully. 

Which (guess what) has nothing to do with you being perfect. 

It has everything to do with you being authentic. 

You’ll also hear about why it’s so important to understand your values and whether your values are coming from a conscious-based or fear-based place. After you have a listen to the episode, make sure to download my Alignment 101 Guide to get you on the right track to tapping into your authenticity and becoming a fearless fundraiser.

And, if you want to learn more about what it takes to become that empowered and embodied nonprofit leader (the one you know is under there when you’re not being pulled in a million directions) then you need to come to my webinar: How to Raise More from the Right Funders WITHOUT Obnoxiously Hounding Them.


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