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ApproachOur thoughts and beliefs dramatically impact how we experience life and the way we show up to it.

Often times, our stress, fear, indecision, anxiety, self-doubt, imposter syndrome, self-consciousness, in-action (and on and on and on) is coming from a thought, a voice, a story in our head.

You might think those feelings are coming from a circumstance, but often they are not. They are coming from a belief and thought you are holding about that circumstance

As women, the first story/voice that we usually hear is that our self-critic. The self-critic is designed to keep you playing small. It wants to keep you safe, to make sure you never get disappointed or hurt – it tells you that you cannot handle rejection, loss, or imperfection.

But I know the truth about you, and deep down you know the truth too. The truth is that you are capable of so much more, you have not even begun to tap into your potential.

Here is the great news.

Thoughts and beliefs can be redesigned, reframed, and re-imagined.

And on the other side of the new set of beliefs and thoughts is the rest of your life.

On the other side of the new set of beliefs is an empowered, confident, embodied and authentic powerhouse.

But here is the other news.

You have to do the WORK.​

There is no ‘quick fix’. Changing your life, and the core beliefs that drive it require deep personal work, habit building, daily practices, and investment.

If you are not ready for that, you are in the wrong place.


Get to the core with Energy Leadership Coaching

Energy Leadership™ puts you in touch with the missing link between your ambitions and your ability to achieve them by identifying the underlying thoughts and beliefs immediately.

The process of Energy Leadership coaching starts with the ELI (Energy Leadership Index Assessment) a research-backed attitudinal assessment praised by leaders all over the world and even highlighted in Forbes as an assessment that every executive should take.

We start our work together by understanding your current leadership level (through the Leadership Index Assessment) and work together to raise your level of energy so that you can boldly show up as the leader you want to be.

Energy Leadership Coaching focuses on building:

  •    Emotional Intelligence
  •    Confidence & Embodiment
  •    Dynamic Communication
  •    Influencing and Engaging Others
  •    Problem Solving
  •    Productivity and Decision Making
  •    High Energy Relationships
  •    Health and Wellness
  •    Time Management and Balance

Just becoming more aware of your thoughts, emotions and behavioral tendencies under normal circumstances and under stress can empower you to choose what is working for you and let go of what’s not. This process WILL change your life.

Plus, if you’re a fundraiser, the higher your energy leadership level, the more successful you will be at raising money for your organization. Period.

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